Northern Irish Bands at Forefront of New Record Label Revolution in 2019

Saint Sapphire…this is not the music of the past but a glorious vision of the future full of youthful hope and ambition
The “Times they are a changing” in today’s global Music Industry and Northern Irish Bands could be amongst the new wave.

The Music Industry is changing, and the Record Label of today is vastly different from the labels of old. Nowadays Music Co’s look at the whole picture, very much a 360 degree vision but in the right hands this is a future that can breathe new life into the Industry.

Ghost Music, based out of LA and the UK are one such of this new breed of label. Mixing the Marketing and Merchandising flair of new US Sports and Fitness Co, Ghost Beverages and add to that the distribution reliability and global coverage of Electronics Music Giant, Sony, Ghost Music are set to become one of the trail blazers of this new Paradigm.

To add to this heady and potent mix, Ghost have made one of their flagship Marquee signings, Northern Ireland based band Saint Sapphire.

Ghost Music at present run their UK and European offices from Belfast in Northern Ireland and London and are actively looking to expand to other territories as and when opportunities and openings become available.

This makes the signature of Saint Sapphire all; the more poetic. Saint Sapphire hailing all the way from Belfast in “politically embattled” Northern Ireland (the province has had no active Government for nearly 2 years now) are being seen by some as the voice of a new generation.

Saint Sapphire, one of the new vibrant wave of Irish Acts poised for stardom in 2019. The Label is actively looking at other acts and hopes to release news of new signings imminently

Described by some as If you took the subtlety of the Who, added the finesse of Guns ‘n Roses and generally threw a few gallons of testosterone to the mix… the resulting love child would sound like Saint Sapphire.

People keep saying balls out Rock and Roll is dead… not if this lot are to be believed.

Saint Sapphire… this is not the music of the past but a glorious vision of the future full of youthful hope and ambition.

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