Thinking that a voice recorder in smart phone is sufficient for not missing a word – think twice…

TROEX company comes to the US market – with its new digital voice recorder going on sale this week!

If you think that a voice recorder in your smart phone is sufficient for not missing a word – think twice. Battery drain and the surrounding noise are just two reasons why customers increasingly choose a dedicated device for their important recordings.

Often our customers do not want or are not allowed to have job related recordings next to their personal information and files on a smart phone.And what if you want to check your email, snapchat facebook or instagram while recording a lecture?

Our customers use the voice recorder for lectures, interviews, important meetings and even recording voice of a new-born baby or sound of birds. With the voice recorder, it is easy. Press a button or use the VOR (Voice operated recording) to capture what is important to you. Later just plug the device into your computer and drop the files. Built in time stamp and noise reduction makes sure that your files are clear and in good order. Find more at

TROEX is a company that creates and sells office and home products. We operate in the US and several European countries and we strive to support our customer needs with high quality products and services. Find more at

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