Chi Ta Declared as the World’s Most Successful Airbnb in 2018

Chi Ta recently declared as the 2018 most successful Airbnb host in the world where he built a company from 0 – 2.4 million dollars a year in the San Francisco Bay Area in, nine months.

Chi Ta is considered one of the largest Airbnb host in the world by dollar volume and the leading host by growth in terms of time. He is also the number one in the world in terms of beating out similar properties in the region in terms of GRR or Gross Rental Revenues. Chi’s property continually surpasses all other competition by thousands of dollars every month.

Airbnb Millionaire Secrets is specifically created to help the average person benefit from Chi Ta’s extensive knowledge of real estate and mortgages and achieve their success as an Airbnb host.

Not everyone on Airbnb is experiencing such success. According to data released by the platform itself, the average host earns $924 per month.

In one of the most competitive market in the nation, Chi Ta was able to scale from zero properties to thirty in just nine months without spending his own money. With a developed formula for success Chi offers two options to help you succeed, a comprehensive E-Course with hours of detailed video footage, or direct 1 on 1 mentorship.

Perks of Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb is more than just cheap accommodations for travellers or extra income for the average person. Airbnb allows people from all walks of life to connect and interact with each other. With extra travelers brings extra revenue to local businesses.

About Airbnb

Airbnb is a reliable online marketplace which connects interested travellers with locals who choose to rent out their personal home. At present, Airbnb covers over 81,000 cities as well as 191 countries all over the world.

For hosts, partaking in Airbnb is an avenue to earn a considerable amount of money from their home or property. For visitors, it is a chance to stay in an alternative type of accommodation, that is more reasonably priced compared to the traditional hotel room.

For those interested in hosting, Chi Ta is available for consultation, and can be reached at

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