Baby Car Seat Company in Singapore Makes Parenting Easier Worldwide

Strollers and car seats… a bane to parents of young children everywhere. These childcare “aids” have been a source of comedy in recent years. We have all seen a parent struggling in real life to fold and carry a stroller or bought a cheap car seat from online. Taxi Baby’s is a remedy to dealing with confusing child-care products. With their expertly engineered car seats and wide array of other handy products, this innovative company hopes to change the stigma associated with child transportation aids.

As a rising star in the childcare industry, Taxi Baby is making it easier for parents to adhere to car seat law in Singapore. Founded in 2015, the agile company is led by the skilled Elise Mawson. Mawson realized the idea for the company while raising her son Peter. She started her company because of the lack of safe child transportation products in Singapore.

Mawson decided to manufacture products that make driving with children safer. She is a woman of many talents and passion and applied her background as an engineer to the development of her company. She even trained to become a Child Passenger Safety technician in Australia.

Although they sell to a worldwide audience, the company supports parents in Singapore and South East Asia specifically. Taxi Baby is dedicated to helping parents who desperately lack information on child transport safety. Taxi Baby works with organizations such as BumpWise, KK Women, Children’s Hospital, and ComfortDelGro to promote keeping children safe. These groups collaborate on protective car seats and safe baby strollers in Singapore.

Taxi Baby offers a wide variety of products for parents to choose from. These products include air travel products, car seats, and errand running accessories for on the go moms. Common purchases are strollers, road trip accessories, and so much more.

Along with their products, they also offer a variety of services to aid parents with child transportation. Taxi Baby offers classes and one on one training to teach parents how to properly operate these products and which car seats to avoid. The company offers monthly travel safety courses, car seat installation services, and tailored solutions to help parents make the right choice for their child.

Taxi Baby’s products and services relieve worried parents and protect young children traveling anywhere.

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