Features and Benefits of the Medilase Laser Hair Removal Procedure

If Thinking of Trying Laser Hair Removal? Medilase is Offering A One of its Kind Solution That You Really Need to Know About. Stay Tuned for the Goodies coming on your Way.

Laser Hair Removal

So far Laser Hair Removal can be regarded as being one of the highly popular treatments being offered by Medilase for both men and women. We are aiming at providing consultation free of charge at most of our clinics. Here you will be provided with all the information you require about Laser Hair Removal. They will ensure a test patch is done to ensure you are eligible candidate who can undergo a successful Laser Hair Removal.

At Medilase, we will be focused at providing the best deals which will benefit the most people. There are a number of factors that will be addressed before a decision is made on what will turn out best for you. They include:

The Hair Growth Cycle

It is important to note that hair grows in 3 main phases. It is mostly on the growth phase that light from the laser perfectly gets rid of the hair follicle. Laser Hair removal has proved to perfectly work on different types of hair where an additional treatment will be highly required in order to grey or blonde hair. This is the main reason as to why you will then require a series of treatments in order to get rid of all the hair around the treated region. 

High Powered Laser

This is one of the latest high powered laser machine that will be hitting on the market. It will be applied on those skins that produces Intense Pulsed Light. This is gently placed against the skin and high intensity light is directed to the hair follicle under the surface of your skin. The light will go through the skin outer layers where it will be absorbed by the air follicle. It then heats up the hair follicle hence killing the surrounding cells. The hair slowly falls hence leaving a very smooth and hair free skin. 

We will be ensuring less unsuccessful treatments, so you need to carry out your homework early enough to have a progressive treatment. At Medilase, we look forward to utilizing the most powerful lasers provided today at Lumenis, that assures a one superior precision, mix of strength and the versatility.

The Available types of Lasers

– Diode – this is one great laser that will really do a great work to individuals who are light skinned and with dark hair. 

– Alexandrite – This kind of laser is mostly effective and efficient among patients who have complexion which is in between olive to light. It will work more efficiently in treatment of larger body parts and has proved to be the fastest so far.

– Nd: YAG – This long pulse laser will work well to different types of skin. Its results are known to be lower when treating fine or light hair compared to other lasers.

When to Expect the Results

According to Medilase, the efficiency and effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal procedure and the time before results are out will highly depend on the area under treatment. The reason is that the body’s growth rate is likely to vary from one part to another. This therefore,means if conditions works in your favor, then you should expect results soonest possible. 

Medilase will be focusing at providing the best in Laser Hair Removal. Therefore, aim at getting the best services from this amazing laser and skin clinic.

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