J. Miller releases the first of the “The Worldly Adventures of Stella” book series

Talented children’s book writer, Judith Miller, launches “The Worldly Adventures of Stella: The Beast of Central Park” on Amazon

J. Miller has released “The Worldly Adventures of Stella: The Beast of Central Park,” which is the first of the children’s book series and has already been receiving accolades from different quarters. The book is a beautifully illustrated book that centers around an 8-year old that is charged with the responsibility of fighting a mythical beast and rescuing a captive prince.

Children books come in different forms with several writers and other such stakeholders contributing their quota to teach children different life lessons in a subtle and fun way. While some books have been able to meet the needs of parents and their kids, others have not been able to particularly pass subtle messages to readers. However, J. Miller is looking to change this narrative by offering parents, children, and other such readers interactive books that anyone can easily relate with, a claim that has been substantiated with the release of “The Worldly Adventures of Stella.”

Published in October 2018, the book chronicles the experience of the adventurous Stella Fernandez, facing the difficulties of relocating, after moving to the United States to live there for the first time, having lived in Spain, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and Bolivia. In the company of her little siblings, Benjamin and Claire, and not knowing what was coming, Stella experienced the power of magic as she discovered a magic world everywhere she went with her siblings.

In the first of the book series, the trio met Mr. Michael the bellhop of the building they are moving into, with his magic hat taking them to Central Park where accidentally they awake a mythical beast. This led to a series of events that include running from the beast and trying to escape its ambush and his sharp claws.

The graphical illustration of the events in the book will captivate the minds of every reader, having their hearts pumping as the book aims to reveal the true identity of the Cockatrice. The book has already started to receive accolades from readers described as a “great bed-time story for kids” by Carolina P. on Amazon.

“The Worldly Adventures of Stella” is the first book of a series that J. Miller is currently working on with each book a new destination arises and with the limitless possibilities of quests, magic, and self-discovery.

The paperback version of “The Worldly Adventures of Stella” is currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

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