Hijack And Theft In RuneScape Mobile Version: None Of Security Measures Will Be The Lucky Charm

Account hacking is the norm in the MMORPG genre, and players who fail to secure their accounts with two-factor authenticators often learn that the hard way. However, nothing would protect RuneScape players from being ripped off at the hands of a two-faced game developer is what we learn from the Mod Jed Scandal. What if this abuse is an isolated incident and with all precautions ahead, can we still stand a chance to block the hacking off? After reading this, you may have an answer.

Account hacking and items stealing have been one of the most severe and concerned issues for the consumers in the game industry. All the efforts from hackers and scammers, which includes taking advantage of all possible exploits secretly hidden in any games, are basically minimal expenditures compared to the large sum of illicit profits they earned from that. The tremendous imbalance between investments and benefits has been inciting more of them throwing themselves into the chain of the grey industry for years. Even as one of the oldest and most popular MMORPGs, RuneScape couldn’t make itself an exception in this case and failed to be immune from the relentless hacking.

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Things are pretty even worse since RuneScape rolled out the mobile version for Android and iOS users. It’s not surprisingly unreasonable to see that there is a pile of nostalgic players who have been playing RuneScape on and off with no fuss or drama all the way along, wound up getting hacked and losing all the properties in the game just because of starting a fresh journey on Old School RuneScape Mobile. As someone might have recalled the Mod Jed Scandal in September of the last year, a developer and game moderator of RuneScape named Jed had abused the authorized privileges by associating with a third-party hacker crew and stealing millions of in-game coins and wealth from multiple accounts. Clearly, even if any accounts in RuneScape with the most comprehensive and rigorous protection protocol, all couldn’t function to stop a mole from inside getting its hands on anyone’s fortunes. And believe me, the wave doesn’t seemingly ease off since the cheeky former developer of RuneScape has been dismissed from the company, it actually rolls up due to the release of Old School RuneScape Mobile. 
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For most of the RuneScape fans, a new era of RuneScape fantasy tour has been initiated since the first day of OSRS Mobile premiere, unfortunately, so did hackers and outlaws. Unlike one device with multiple accounts back to the PC era, mobile phone as a portable device was added to the list and the cross-platform feature was too, means that there are more exploits in the bigger-scale territory to be found out and taken advantage of. As a matter of fact, since the release of the mobile version, a surge of account hacking cases and item-stolen reports in the RuneScape community continued and haunted the game despite more protection measures Jagex deployed. Based on the information and details from the online official forum, even surrounded by multiple security settings, including but not limited to two-step authenticators, bank PINs, email security and SMS alerts, quite a few players weren’t able to protect their accounts and in-game wealth from being ripped off by hackers. More startlingly, a majority of account hacking conducted and happened while the victims had perceived none beforehand, in other words, they hadn’t been warned or alerted from any of these security measures in every way before it’s too late.
It seems that hacking already evolves into a much more superior technology than any existing security measures. Somehow, a program command can bypass your protections and illegally access to your accounts and items without being detected on the nail. Of course, another conspiracy between an inside traitor and a third-party crew is adequate for this high-end demanding hijack and it’s still a plausible option that is too early to be ruled out. 
It’s estimated that over hundreds of accounts from Old School Runescape Mobile were under attack by hackers and 80% of that has something to do with gold theft. The number clearly is still on the rise. Maybe it’s the time for Jagex to examine all the functionality and efficiency of all security measure it has now and comes up with a redemption soon. 
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