Blockchain Applied Technologies (BAT) Launches a Blockchain-Based Investment ICO (SP-ICO) for its Further Expansion in the Field of Crypto Mining and Miner Hardware Development

Blockchain Applied Technologies (BAT) has announced its innovative SP-ICO for its industrial scale crypto mining and miner hardware development project called ‘BatMine’, being the first crypto mining company in the world to give investors the possibility to jointly and legally receive 30% monthly distributed profit sharing over all of the company’s profits. In addition, the investor also receives the company’s own ERC20 compliant BATM Tokens, as a gift, that can be used, among other, to exchange for the company’s products and services with a discount.

BatMine’s ICO follows a legal and existing framework called a Silent Partnership (SP) for investments into companies under European Law in exchange for a share in the profit. This is a step forward in Blockchain-related offerings. In the past Initial Coin Offerings have, in many cases, resulted in investors losing their investments; the technical and legal side of ICOs is yet to be perfected.

“Crypto currency and the Blockchain as a whole are changing the world right now and we are convinced this trend is irreversible. We worked hard with our partners to develop a framework that is both legal and safe for investors,” says Pius Lam, CEO of BatMine. “But the SP-ICO is just the initial framework for BatMine,” adds Pius. “After the SP-ICO is completed we will immediately focus on growing our cryptocurrency mining operations and sales of our co-developed miners in international markets”.

About BatMine

BatMine is a crowdfunded project with the purpose to become the most efficient and profitable industrial mining operation on the market for the BatMine Community. BatMine will operate innovative industrial scale mining facilities for Bitcoin-, Litecoin-, Ethereum- and other currencies mining; miner hardware development & sales; Mining-as-a-Service, and Custodial Services. BatMine will use state-of-the-art mining technologies in its European and international locations.

For BTC mining the miners have a hash power of up to 55 Th/s, while the LTC miner chips have a capacity of 12nm and 0.5W/M script hash. This combined with a low electricity price of around $0,04 per KW for predominantly green energy gives the company a significant competitive advantage over other mines in the market.

“BatMine will operate straightforward in a profitable and cost-effective way so that we become the most competitive mining project out there in terms of size, yield and investor value” says BatMine’s COO Kyle Wong.

Full information about BatMine’s SP-ICO can be found at with links to official communication channels such as Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. The White Paper in English is also available on the website.

The BatMine SP-ICO main dates are:

02.01 – 28.04 Private Round
01.04 – 28.04 Whitelist Registration
03.05 – 13.05 Whitelist sale
15.05 – 20.05 Crowd Sale Phase 1
20.05 – 25.05 Crowd Sale Phase 2
25.05 – 28.05 Crowd Sale Phase 3
28.05 – 31.05 Crowd Sale Phase 4


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