Creative Peptides Newly Launches Its Pharmaceutical Peptides Services

One of the world’s leading peptide suppliers Creative Peptides announced to launch its pharmaceutical peptides services on February 19, 2019.

Based in Shirley, New York, one of the world’s leading peptide suppliers Creative Peptides announced to launch its pharmaceutical peptides services on February 19, 2019, extending the application of peptides into pharmaceutical research and drug development. 

Peptides have long been used for biological functional analysis, but with deepening research, their clinical application potential as drugs is discovered. Having intrinsic properties of high biological activity, low toxicity, and high specificity, peptide drugs excels in low non-specific connectivity and minimized drug interactions.

“In addition, peptide drugs are also merited for their advantages of small amount of tissue residue, which thereby reducing the complications of metabolic intermediates,” explains Dr. Robert Martinez, Head of Creative Peptides’ synthesis businesses, in the release conference. “The pharmaceutical peptides services of Creative Peptides are set to help our customers significantly shorten the development time of peptide drugs. We hope to see peptide drugs enter the market and be used in clinical treatment as soon as possible. After all, this is how human health is enhaned.”

The pharmaceutical peptides services offered at Creative Peptides mainly include: Peptide Drug Discovery, Peptide-Drug Bioconjugation, Peptide Lead Optimization, Neoantigen Peptides Vaccine Service and Formulation Development.

Peptide Drug Discovery

As the initial step of peptide drug R&D, peptide drug discovery helps customers to find the best candidates that can overcome the traditional four shortcomings, namely, potential immunogenicity, poor pharmacokinetics (PK), lack of oral activity, and high manufacturing costs.

Peptide-Drug Bioconjugation

As the drug can be combined anywhere in the peptide, C-terminus, N-terminus or in the middle, Creative Peptides offers comprehensive peptide drug bioconjugation strategies to fit customer’s needs.

Peptide Lead Optimization

After determining the lead peptide, more efforts should be made to make it more “drug-like” and exhibit better bioavailability and stability in the body to achieve the desired pharmacological effects.

Neoantigen Peptides Vaccine Service

Neoantigens can be used as biomarkers to differentiate cancer cells from normal cells as they are highly immunogenic and are not present in normal tissues. Neoantigen only arise from tumor-specific mutations.

Formulation Development

In this process, the optimal dosage form, composition and manufacturing route for pharmaceutical products are determined.

Creative Peptides offers comprehensive pharmaceutical peptides services such from start to end, encompassing early pre-clinical stage, Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, as well as commercial manufacturing. For more relevant information, please visit or email at

About Creative Peptides

From the year of 2018, Creative Peptides shifted more focus to its peptide modification, synthesis, analysis and GMP services, in addition to supplying a wide collection of peptides including checkpoint inhibitors, therapeutic peptides, cosmetic peptides and catalog peptides.

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