The Lowdown on Alexandrite: Is It Good For a Gift?

Alexandrite Engagement Ring 14k White Gold Bart-685

Often described as “emerald by day, ruby at night” is the Alexandrite. Alexandrite stones come in different styles like solitaire, three-stone, five-stone and diamond and set in white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver bands. Alexandrite engagement rings are varieties of chrysoberyl and were first discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia. They are still found predominantly in Russia today, as well as in other places like Brazil, East Africa, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Madagascar. Named after the Czar Alexander II,These stones are believed to posses healing and mystical powers. Thy can change color depending on the angle they are put before light. There are certain questions you need to ask about this gemstone before getting one.

What are the best Alexandrite for your Budget?

If you feel that you can’t afford the alexandrite ring value, don’t worry. You can always opt for the synthetic ones since they feature just-as-brilliant color changes as natural alexandrites without the same price tag.

Naturally occurring alexandrites are extremely rare. They grade in colors from blue to bluish green in daylight to red or purplish red in incandescent light and they also have density levels at 3.7 and hardness over 8.5. A synthetic alexandrite created by flame fusion yields a color changed gem. They are easy to produce and are not costly. They are also feature more colors than their other natural counterparts. Alexandrite doublet is another gemstone variety that feature a combination of two elements, usually a mixture of synthetic and natural substances.

What are Your Options?

If you like a solitaire alexandrite wedding band, you will get a single alexandrite stone styled in prong setting with the stone cut to a round, oval, square or marquise shape. If you are wanting a three-stone alexandrite, you will get a band with three alexandrite stones lined up horizontally. Other precious stones can be used as well based on the design. Just as the name implies, five-stone alexandrite bands have five stones, all arranged horizontally as well, along with other precious stones used to make the wedding band fancier. For diamond alexandrite bands, one or many alexandrite stones may be used in the final design, along with the set diamonds.

Why buy Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is believed to posses healing powers like curing a number of ailments, especially problems of the spleen and pancreas. If you or anyone suffers from these conditions, then you can get an alexandrite. Alexandrite is also believed to help tremendously with self-esteem. If you wish to gift an alexandrite, then get it for a Gemini as this is the birthstone of January. Also alexandrite wedding band makes a good gift for older couples celebrating their 45th and 55th wedding anniversaries, so they are excellent gifts to wives to celebrate the occasion. Alexandrite is a very attractive gemstone because of the several colors it displays beyond its other benefits.

Alexandrite encourages romance and is said that joy passes into people’s lives from the stone. The stone’s constant changing color is a reminder of life’s alternating mystery. Because of Alexandrite’s durability, the stone is excellent for every day use, however it still has to be protected from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and heavy blows that can cause scratches. A mild dish soap, warm water and soft toothbrush is enough to clean the gemstone and keep it looking sparkly always.

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