FlexForce – The Revolutionary Deep-Cleaning and Gum-Protecting Electric Toothbrush

Teeth deep cleaning and gum protection – FlexForce has you all covered.

Gums are tissues that anchor your teeth to your mouth. They also protect your teeth from shock and damage . Too often than not, people try so hard on brushing teeth while ignoring the well being of gums which, if treated uncarefully, could cause serious gum diseases such as gum bleeding, gum receding and gum infection, a.k.a gingivitis. 

How does FlexForce deep clean your teeth?

FlexForce features revolutionary stack brush bundle technology, which means every bundle of the brush rotates independently so they could reach deeper between your teeth and brush around deeper corner in your mouth for thorough cleaning. FlexForce eradicates those bacteria or food debris too often ignored otherwise for an even healthier oral environment than you could ever imagine.

How does FlexForce protect your gum?

FlexForce features unique pressure sense technology that prevents gum from hurt by too much pressure. When FlexForce senses too much pressure from you, the brush bundles immediately stop rotating to avoid possible damages on your gums which would otherwise cause broken gum or bleeding gum.

What makes FlexForce so savvy?

FlexForce has more irresistible charms. First of all, it features IPX7 level of waterproof so it fears not of accidentally splashed water. Secondly, it allows for three different brushing modes according to the brush rotating speed. Thirdly, it allows for pre-recorded functions so you can repeat your routine by simply pressing one button. Finally, long battery life brings ultimate experience for users.

What makes FlexForce so pretty?

FlexForce boasts an ergonomicly designed metal handle that feels comfy in your hand. Removable brush head is convenient and environmental-friendly. The brush cover protects brush head from bacteria. Different colors are available for personal preference and easy identification. High quality Dupont brush hair is highly elastic and wear-resistant.

FlexForce cares about your teeth as well as your gums.

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