New Range Of PSVANE Tubes & Cossor Valves Now Available For China-Hifi-Audio Customers At Affordable Prices

Music lovers can now purchase from a range of PSVANE Tubes and Cossor valves that China-Hifi-Audio is now selling at reasonable prices.

There are valves and tubes that music lovers often find a better option to enhance their music listening experience. PSVANE is a company that is well known for its high quality tubes in the music industry. At the same time, many music lovers prefer using valves from reputed brands, such as Cossor to purify music. China-Hifi-Audio keeps the requirements of music lovers in concern and updates its stock with a new range of valves and tubes from the leading brands, including PSVANE and Cossor. The online store sells these products at affordable prices.

New Range Of PSVANE Tubes & Cossor Valves Now Available For China-Hifi-Audio Customers At Affordable Prices

The spokesperson of China-Hifi-Audio reveals that besides reasonable prices, many of these PSVANE Tubes are also available with free shipping for customers around the world. These are 100% brand new tubes that are supplied in the original edition boxes. The tubes come with a one-year warranty. However, they offer a long-lasting performance and are highly durable with their robust construction. The online store has a large range of tubes with different specifications and features and they supply the best matched pairs to customers. Some of the best rated tubes in their stock include PSVANE Acme 845 Vacuum tube, PSVANE Acme 300B Vacuum tube, PSVANE Acme 805 Vacuum tube, PSVANE Acme 211 Vacuum tube and other tubes. 

According to the spokesperson, the Psvane 12AX7 tube is one of the adorable tubes in their collection. With a shipping weight of 2.2kg, the tube features a clever design, and which is a hallmark of all PSVANE products. The tube can significantly enhance the sound quality, particularly energy of the sound. The aluminum oxide enriched tube never fades in color and shine and also improves the product texture. The tube also ensures a long-lasting performance. The spokesperson reveals that this tube has been designed to address the weak signal issue and minimizes the loss to deliver a magnificent sound. The tube also features a simple user setting and doesn’t require rigorous maintenance. This high-end tube from PSVANE comes fitted with a transformer, designed for the right voltage to ensure a superior performance.

Customers can also glimpse through the collection of Cossor valves that China-Hifi-Audio is now offering to them. These tubes are the exact replica of the Western Electric products and feature the same circuit design as their original counterparts. China-Hifi-Audio can send factory full matched tubes to the customers for purchasing two pairs or four pieces of these valves. Designed according to the traditional crafts of the American Western Electric, these tubes are meticulously built to deliver a perfect sound quality. According to the spokesperson, these valves feature a perfect combination of the modern technologies and antique materials.

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