“New journey, New Beginning” – The 2019 mobilization ceremony of Bundor Valve was a complete success!

On February 11th, at the beginning of the seventh day of the year, Bundor Valve held a 2019 mobilization meeting at the Tianxia Hotel in Luoyang. Every mobilization meeting at the beginning of the seventh year is a ritual and agreement of the same virtues, and the partners of the various departments of the company, the Tianjin factory, the headquarters, the customers, and the suppliers are all gathered together.

Live Photo

The ceremonies at the entrance of the venue smiled and politely led the guests to sign in

Mobilize the panoramic view of the site before the start of the grand ceremony

Sum up the past and look to the future

2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. It is also the 24th year that Fande Valve has passed. In order to achieve product confidence, delivery confidence, sales confidence, brand confidence, in order to consolidate the brand foundation, this year In factories and products.

Xia summed up the results of the Tianjin factory in the year 2018: a total of 231 sets of molds; 216 new processing equipment; production scale expanded to 5200 square meters; added 4 lines, established product inspection laboratory, material laboratory, product life laboratory, product pressure test laboratory, upgrade the warehouse, double the inventory; worm wheel head, stainless steel butterfly plate and valve stem, butterfly valve series products upgraded…

At the same time, Mr. Xia expressed his deep gratitude to the partners who have traveled to the Tianjin factory from various business departments and Luoyang headquarters in the past year, and clearly defined the goal and working direction of the 2019 valve.

Team morale display

Management Oath

Filial Piety Award

Praise the honor, pay tribute to excellence

“Let Lei Feng not suffer” is the principle that Bundor Valve has always adhered to. At the mobilization meeting, the 2018 annual performance model and outstanding partners have been commended and rewarded: air conditioners, laptops, refrigerators, LCD TVs, fully automatic washing machines, treadmills, mobile phones…

Every hard-working person is worth the best return! Xia always encourages everyone: “Your struggle is worthy of a better future! I hope everyone will go further in 2019!”

Wonderful Show

The general program is new every year! The versatile and versatile partners use their work, carefully prepared and rehearsed to bring us a visual and auditory feast comparable to professional standards.

The golden drums are in harmony with the sky, the dragon lions are sent to auspicious, and the mundane boys bring wonderful dancing lions and lions.

The youthful and dynamic dances of “Calories”, “Reform Spring Breeze”, “80s” and “Dura” lead everyone back to 18 years old.

The soft shawl dance “Lover’s Heart”, the elegant shawl seems to sway the heartstrings.

The guitar sings, the songs of Qingyue sing into the hearts of the people; the drums of African agitation, people can’t help but dance with the rhythm…

The buddy partners are creative, and the dexterous hands stage a forest party; two people and four hands can play a cute little man, dancing with the music “four limbs”; the paper is worn on the body, exaggerated The expression is matched with the funny action of the paper man, which makes people laugh…

All the leaders of the management brought you the chorus “Tomorrow will be better”. The partners of the Tianjin factory brought the chorus “People paddle the big ship”, and the bright voice embodies the expectation of a good tomorrow!

Lucky Draw

At the mobilization meeting, three rounds of draws, each round of winning the number of people more than 10 people, the number of winners a total of dozens, a lot of gifts, a lot of surprises! The atmosphere was lively and the applause continued!

In the warm applause, the 2019 mobilization ceremony of Bundor Valves came to an end!

New journey, new beginning! In 2019, Bundor Valve will be dreams, down-to-earth, firm pace, ride the wind and waves!

“New Journey, New Beginning” 2019 Bundor Valve Mobilization Conference – Speech by Mr. Xia Xuchao, Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Time flies by, the new year has flown to us, and today we all sit together. The start-up meeting every seventh day of the Chinese Lunar new year is a constant agreement and ritual feeling with everyone. Here, I sincerely wish everyone a happy new year.

2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and the 24th year that Bundor Valve has passed. In order to let everyone achieve product confidence, delivery confidence, sales confidence, brand confidence, in order to consolidate the brand foundation, we have come back this year and focus our attention on factories and products.

We know that the mold is the mother of the industry, and the mold can be used to achieve mass production and improve efficiency. It is worth sharing with you that as of this year, a total of 231 sets of molds were carved.

In 2018, it is the most complicated and challenging year for China’s economic situation. It is a crucial year for the economic structure to truly enter the optimization and adjustment. It is also the year of opportunities for enterprises to reshuffle. In this year, we increased our investment in the Tianjin plant, the production scale was expanded to 5,200 square meters, four production lines were set up, the warehouse was upgraded and upgraded, the inventory was doubled, and 216 new processing equipments were established to establish product inspection laboratories and materials. Laboratory, product life laboratory, product pressure testing laboratory. Worm gear heads, stainless steel discs and valve stems, butterfly valves, soft joints and other products have been upgraded.

At this moment, I would like to mention some shining names: Liang Changhai, Wu Shuanglu, Shang Yanfei, Le Yanrong, Wang Haojie, Chen Lei, Feng Debing, Liu Wenzhong, Jing Changxiao, Li Xiaoying, Xu Shuai, Liu Chunyan, Li Lei, Yan Dan, and Liu Shanke, who worked 1,333 days in Tianjin factory. Thank you for your sweating in the Tianjin factory. Thank you for your hard work in the Tianjin factory. Thank you for typing each list with your hands. Thank you for burning the midnight oil every night without any regrets. Thank you for taking the trouble to make hundreds of improvements for the new product….. Thank you, thank you for your contribution.

Before this year, when I took a taxi, I accidentally saw the year-end report of Didi. I took a total of 3,105 taxi in 2018, 8.5 times one day. I was moved by myself (just kidding).

The Bundor of today and tomorrow are achieved by this way.

Bundor products has been sold in 76 countries and regions around the world in 2018.

In 2018, Mr Xia was invited to participate in the “One Belt and One Road China Brand Internationalization Forum and “Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up” to discuss about the future of brand development with Mr Pan who is the UN Secretary-General. Bundor also participated in the state banquet held in the Great Hall of the People, and won the honorary title of “Leader of Industry for 40 Years of Reform and Opening up” and the honorary title of “Leader of 40 Years of Reform and Opening up”.

In 2018, Bundor won the CCC Fire Products National Compulsory Product Certification, successfully entered the National Science And Technology SMEs, was rated as AAA Credit Unit, AAA Quality Service Credit Unit and AAA Integrity Management Model Unit.

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by the present,.In 2018, Bundor has more than 50 full-staff training sessions. The accumulated earth and stone became a mountain, and the wind and rain began to rise from here; the confluence of water became an abyss, and the dragon came out from here.Self-study 1 hour a day, 365 hours a year, 3 years to become an expert. I would like to commend the Ministry of Home Trade, and the Ministry of Engineering that in addition to Bundor’s training this year, they spontaneously organize learning and sharing exchanges every day. I hope that the people of the present can continue to carry forward this learning spirit and pass it on.

In 2018, we participated in five public welfare activities. I am delighted to find that Xiguan store has taken out the departmental fund to organize the public welfare spontaneously. The action is the best text, the accumulation of small good, the great love. We will keep moving on public benefit activities and undertake more social responsibility in the future. Never stop!

Looking back, let’s take a look at the theme of this annual meeting, “New journey, new start.”

Bundor Valve began in 1994, and by 2019, Bundor Valve was 25 years old. It started from scratch 25 years ago and has a long journey after 25 years.

All the past are prologues, all hopes in the future.

In 2019,We will continue to improve employee welface, introduce institutional reforms, introduce amoeba, introduce new information software, activate organizations, and release vitality. We won`t let Lei feng suffer and will distribute according to work. Now I sincerely call for more and more outstanding talents to join the BUNDOR VALVE. (Please allow me to advertise to friends who watch the live strerm);

In 2019, We will continue to increase investment in Tianjin factory and products. I firmly believe where time is spent and where it will shine. Where time is spent, where is the achievement.

In 2019, we will implement the brand agency series policy and recruit strategic partners at home and abroad. I sincerely hope to make the valve field more prosperous with the distributors of the BUNDOR VALVE. In 2019, we will increase product research and development, and focus on development products such as butterfly check valve, aluminum butterfly valve, double flange telescopic valve, filters and so on.

What we are now in is a ship that is more urgent in the middle of the wandering. When people get to the middle of the mountain, the road is steeper. It is a time when the progress is getting harder, the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is, and the more it is not going forward.

But in the future, I sincerely hope that everyone will act and chase the goal. Your struggle will be worthy of a better future, and the greatest generosity for the future is to dedicate everything to the present.

Once again, I wish you all a happy new year, thank you all!

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