Dryer Fire Outbreaks Are An Increasing Home Danger

Amidst the worries of more complicated breakouts, an estimate of 18 million trees has been charred in the California wildlands and private property in the past year. While some of them were drought victims, a more substantial cut of them have been brought down by some of the most devastating wildfires in state history, including November’s Camp Fire in Paradise.

With the ramp of these hot outbreaks, more and more people are being displaced from their homes, left no other option than to relocate and restart life from scratch. As these fires start and spread in the twinkle of an eye, there is the need to put preventive measures in place to protect your home against the burning disaster. One way to keep your home and family safe is cleaning your dryer ducts at least every 12 months.

Asides campfires and forest burnouts, it has been reported by the National Fire Prevention Agency that some 2,900 home clothes dryers fires happen each year, leaving an estimate of 5 deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million worth of property loss in their wake. You may think cleaning out that dryer is not as important as advertised, not knowing that 34 percent of the times you fail to clean up the ducts, it leads to fire breakouts in your home. While other reports have shown that the bulk of dryer-induced home fires occur in the fall and winter months, the highest breakouts happening in January.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, clothes dryers account for 92 percent of washer and dryer fires, with washing machines causing 4 percent while washer and dryer combos re guilty of 5 percent. The most significant factor fostering the emergence of dryer fires is the failure to clean them up as regularly as should, a default which bears a one-third burden (33 percent) of dryer fires. The association as well reveals that fires that involve clothes dryers usually are latched on by ignitions of clothes that are being dried. Dryers fires, according to the source, can also be a result of drying lint, while washing machines cases started with sparks in parts of the appliances.

Virtually every home in the United States use the bulk of these appliances, millennials more so. The figures give credence to the fact that the use of dryers in your residence is risky in the event of regular cleaning being neglected. If you are a workaholic, traveler or simply cannot put your back into getting those ducts cleaned, you can always get in touch with the handymen. Our company, OC Duct Busters, places a premium on enlightening Orange County resident about the risks associated with dryers, and the prevention of related fires.

We don’t just offer professional dryer duct cleaning services that advertently keep your clothes and home free from fire hazards. OC Duct Busters also helps you keep to tabs with the benefits of keeping your drying appliances clean and safe. While generally ridding your home of dirt and dust, dryer duct cleaning helps you from potential fire outbreaks and save a fortune in utilities and dryer repair. Cleaning up the dryers also help you increase the appliance’s efficiency, which can decrease the drying time by up to 30 percent. By way of health benefits, cleaning dryer ducts assists in avoiding mold and in promoting proper carbon monoxide ventilation.

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