Toronto Addiction Rehab Seeks To Curb DUI Charges Through Rehab Diversion Program

Addiction Rehab Toronto, a top drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, is attempting to help prevent repeated convictions and curb DUI charges by enabling eligible offenders to enroll in a driving under the influence (DUI) diversion program. Following a successful completion of the program and depending on the severity of the case, charges can be dismissed without leaving a mark on personal records.

The clinic’s effort comes as a solution to effectively resolve the root problem, rather than putting an extra strain on individuals who may already be struggling to keep their addiction under control and on the wider society and justice system by avoiding associated costs and ensuring the person returns as a healthy and responsible citizen.

Current situation of impaired driving in Toronto

In Canada, as it is in the majority of countries it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of substances such as alcohol and drugs, however this has been a long-lasting problem authorities have been facing with. In 2018 alone, 1 in 20 drivers self-report having driven with alcohol levels above the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), a measure of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood. To add even more to the burden, the vast majority say they have done so at least twice in the past year revealing that repeated offences are definitely something to be taken into consideration long-term.

Across Canada, impaired driving is one of the most common offences that courts see.

What is a DUI Diversion program?

Depending on the case, an offender can be subjected to different levels of convictions, some less severe such as paying a fine and other more critical, like serving jail time. In Ontario specifically, the authorities have the power to suspend a driver’s license as soon as it has been proven that they were driving under the influence.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is dedicated to help soften the blow and actually provide long-term help to individuals. A DUI diversion program is a valuable option for repeated convictions by equipping eligible offenders to overcome their addiction and return to society as productive and responsible members. Such programs are generally run by local governments in partnership with rehabilitation centers and they are rolled out over a period of several months, during which the offender must have his license surrender and must follow and complete a treatment program, alongside with volunteer community work.

Who is eligible and how to get in touch

Diversion programs are mainly out of reach for people with a long history of repeated DUI convictions. However, that does not mean all hope is lost and getting support and treatment is nevertheless recommended. Anyone who would like to learn more about resolving DUI charges through a diversion program, or get in contact with Addiction Rehab Toronto is encouraged to access this link.

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