Inspire Change Wellness Warns Against Addiction Threat By Amphetamine-type Substances Found In Everything From Diet Pills to ADHD Medication

One of the leading Canadian addiction centers focused on men’s needs, Inspire Change Wellness, is determined to raising awareness of the dangers of substances and medications containing amphetamines and providing support and rehab services to those already struggling with the stimulant. The male and female brains have been shown to be impacted differently by the use of amphetamines, which may explain why more men are getting addicted, some without realizing it and others using it intentionally.

How can one get addicted without knowing?

Amphetamines can be found in a broad range of medications. As a psycho stimulant it has been shown to be clinically relevant in activating brain receptors which led to it being prescribe for a number of applications, mainly:

  • ADHD
  • Narcolepsy
  • Depression
  • Weight loss and obesity

While the enhancing properties may help alleviate some symptoms and even help make conditions manageable, the risk of abuse and it can open the door for addiction in a significant number of patients. As tolerance increases and the brain gets used to the effects and most importantly, craves them, it’s not uncommon for people to start increasing dosage, use it for recreational reasons and seek more potent, illegal versions found on the streets, such as MDMA. While the prescribed pills are meant to be taken orally, many crush them for snorting and injection.

Adderall – the most popular gateway to amphetamine addiction

While it’s not breaking news, drugs like Adderall medically prescribed for ADHD are being use for its weight loss properties and in other cases, to increase alertness. Probably one of the most common situation is found on student campuses, where the drug is now virtually a must-have in students’ lives, particularly during stressful periods such as exams. According to statistics, approximately 50% of Canadian students have tried leveraging the power of amphetamines and 30% abuse it regularly.

What are the side effects?

When men use amphetamines for non-medical reasons, there are various serious risks associated with this. The most serious ones include but are not limited to increased blood pressure and heart rate which can lead to heart problems, vision problems, seizures, hallucinations, a rise in body temperature and a decrease in sleep and appetite. The most common symptom observed is erectile dysfunction and mental health conditions.

Inspire Change Wellness has a long standing experience with people suffering from amphetamine addiction and is committed to providing the appropriate support and rehab treatment for men across the Vancouver area.

About Inspire Change Wellness

As a leading male-only addiction rehab centre, Inspire Change Wellness fully understands the unique needs of males when facing substance abuse. Gender-specific treatments have been shown to be highly effective due to the fact that it allows specialists to focus on programs and outcomes that are very much tailored. Having served hundreds of patients from across the Vancouver area since first opening its doors, the centre prides itself in their highly professional integrative services which follow the patient from the moment they pass their doorstep the very first time and into aftercare.

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