Car Detailing Shop Offering Large SUV Detailing in Vaughan with Timeliness and Perfection in Mind

Located in Vaughan, the Car Detailing Shop is now offering Large SUV Detailing to its customers as an added value. With a timely and perfect approach to detailing cars, they are a leader in the community. They offer a complete range of interior and exterior cleaning at a micro-level. Working with the Vaughan Car Detailing Shop means working with the best in the industry.

What the Company Offers

Car Detailing Shop in Vaughan offers 100% mobile detailing services meaning they come to the client’s location rather than the client having to drive to a dedicated station. This reduces overhead and keeps prices very competitive. In addition to large car and SUV detailing, they also offer the following services:

  • Small SUV Detailing
  • Sleepers/Semi-Truck Detailing
  • Pickup Truck Detailing
  • Minivan Detailing

The Car Detailing Shop also has additional locations for convenience to its customers. The locations include:

  • Vaughan
  • North York
  • Bolton
  • Bickering
  • Etibicoke
  • Oakville
  • Ajax

What Mobile Car Detailing Includes

Mobile detailing includes work done to both the interior and exterior of vehicles. In particular, these activities aim to:

  • Reduce scratches and swirls by using the proper equipment
  • Catch problems early by detailing the engine and identifying small issues
  • Create a smoother ride by cleaning the wheels with a special formula
  • Give a superior driving performance by restoring vehicles to showroom quality

In addition to full interior and exterior detailing of vehicles, the Car Detailing Shop offers additional special features to packages:

  • Ceramic Coating
    It prevents general wear and tear where just waxing won’t achieve desired results by using a cutting-edge liquid polymer applied by paint restoration experts. This is used to prevent damage from stone chips, road salt, bug splatter, tree sap, fading, minor scratches, and sun swirls.
  • 3M Paint Protection
    By applying a film to vehicles, professional automotive detailing avoid affecting performance and prevent damage from sun, scratches, sun swirls, clear coat peeling, tree sap and bird droppings damage, paint fading, paint chips, rusting, and paint swirls.

About Car Detailing Shop In Vaughan

With its primary location in Vaughan, Car Detailing Shop is committed to customer service, using environmentally-friendly products and creating a finished look to all vehicles. By offering mobile detailing, they make it easy to fit it into your schedule. They also serve all customers in the GTA. They are known for their customized packaging to suit every need.

Media Contact
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Phone: (647) 920-5199
Address:435 Bowes Road, Unit 2A
City: Vaughan
State: Ontario, L4K 1J5
Country: Canada