Colorado-Based IHF LLC Partners with Award-Winning Cannabis Geneticist on Feminized Hemp Seed Production

IHF LLC looks to expand its wholesale feminized hemp seed production with strategic partnership joint-venture

IHF LLC and Augustine Hanger are pleased to announce their partnership with award-winning hemp geneticist which will allow the firm to enter the competitive wholesale feminized hemp seed production market. The company is devoted to further expanding into the hemp market with strategic partnerships that will contribute to the advancement of IHF LLC and the hemp industry. Currently, IHF LLC has a large supply of unfeminized hemp seed, and a limited supply of feminized seeds. IHF LLC is looking to enter the feminized hemp seed production market with the proper tools and right partnerships to create quality genetics feminized seeds that are in such high demand within the market right now.

According to a spokesperson for the company, “If you want to purchase bulk wholesale hemp seed for your farm, we can help. We also grow, purchase and sell hemp biomass and produce over 1000 hemp clones per day stored at our facility in Denver”. We are not a broker and we buy and sell all of our inventory directly. Our hemp futures and field profit sharing, as well as our CBD processing and extraction services, are advantageous to some of our partners. In short, IHF is your one-stop shop for everything hemp.”

“If you don’t have the cash flow for hemp seed and clones,” he continued, “please reach out to our support team. We are always happy to strike an advantageous deal with hemp farmers, by supplying the clones and seeds and negotiating a split of the harvest. This is a great option for many farmers looking to convert their crops to hemp without the cash flow to buy seeds and clones.”

Feminized hemp seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes and producing a full female plant harvest. For a hemp farmer seeking high CBD-content hemp biomass. The downside is that the cost will be approximately ten times higher than regular or unfeminized hemp seed. This choice is good for those with a massive budget and who want the most user-friendly grow.

Unfeminized hemp seed is the most common type of seed and most affordable. The downside is that about half of the seeds will germinate as male hemp plants. The cost to buy these seeds is about 10% or less of feminized seeds.

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