New Family-Owned Essential Oil Diffuser Company Breathes Fresh Air into Home Scenting Industry

Osprey, Florida – Oil Works & Co. is a small but motivated family operation based in Osprey, Florida that wants to bring a “new scent” to an industry that’s controlled by big players and unfair business practices with their fair business model:

  • High-quality scent diffusers straight from the manufacturer without big markup.

  • Unlike the big names in the industry, who force you to use their oils with their diffusers, Oil Works & Co’s diffusers let you work with any oil. They believe customers have the right to shop around to get the best price. Not be stuck in an unfair, long-term deal.

  • Family-owned and operated – this isn’t a corporation that exists solely for profit. Jamie and Tracie Albano truly believe in creating memorable experiences through the art of scenting.

  • All services and sales are done right in Osprey. No international call centers or 3rd parties involved.

Oil Works & Co., a new and exciting local company, is changing an industry and taking market share from bigger players by doing things the old-fashioned way: High-quality products, fair prices, and freedom of choice. After realizing the market was cornered by big companies forcing customers into long-term contracts and unfair prices for diffusers (and oils), husband and wife team Tracie and Jamie Albano started an essential oils provider that put customers first.

About their business model, Jamie said -“we don’t feel customers should be forced into a long-term contract for controlling scent in their business or home. With so many choices out there, it’s better to enable the consumer to have the freedom to try different oils or scents and not be restricted by their contract”.

Their business model is simple – their dissufers are made of high-quality metals and components and are sourced straight from the manufacturer. All of the savings are passed on to the customer. Not only do they offer lower prices for higher-quality diffusers, they save customers even more by letting them shop around for the best prices on oils.

About the home scenting industry, Tracie added “customers are overpaying in every way. Most companies force you to use their oils because their diffusers won’t work with any other brand. You’re stuck buying overpriced oils from one company. They know they’ve got you locked in and it’s not fair”.

She went on to say “our diffusers work with any brand of oil, so customers can shop around for the best prices on essential oils (Oil Works also offers those at a discount) and save more money”.

The home scenting industry is exploding in Florida and across the country, and Jamie and Tracie will be right their helping homeowners and businesses change their space for the better with a simple and fair business model:

  • Wholesale pricing on quality diffusers

  • Essential oils at cheaper prices

  • No long-term contracts. Shop around for any oil so you can save more

All sales and support staff are located right in Osprey. You’ll never be stuck on hold and they’ll never hide behind an unreachable email address. Oil Works & Co. is truly a breath of fresh air!

About the Company:

Founded by a husband and wife pair with a passion for essential oils, Oil Works & Co. is a family-owned operation based in Osprey, Florida. They are the source for commercial grade essential oil diffusers delivery systems and products with prices up to 70% off retail. Built on the values of fair prices, quality craftsmanship, and consumer choice, they are the most exciting new company in the industry.

Media Contact
Company Name: Oil Works & Co.
Contact Person: Jamie Albano
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Phone: (866) 755-4980
City: Osprey
State: Florida
Country: United States