Doctor Ink Eraser, A Leading Tattoo Removal Clinic in Atlanta Now Uses PRO-NOX to Provide Their Clients With Immediate Pain and Anxiety Relief

People going under the procedure of laser tattoo removal typically experience some degree of pain. With that said, some say that it hurts just like when they got the tattoo while some describe it as the feeling of having a rubber band snapped against their skin. The gist of the matter is that laser tattoo removal can be painful. But, with the state of the art laser tattoo removal techniques used by Doctor Ink Eraser involving the use of PRO-NOX, patients can get immediate relief from pain as well as anxiety.

Dr. Ink Eraser is one of the finest tattoo removal clinics in Atlanta with thousands of happy tattoo-free customers. They are officially recognized by BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ rating in the field of tattoo removal. And now by leveraging PRO-NOX, a self-administered safe gas system with a mixture of 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide, their clients can have a pain-free tattoo removal experience.

Furthermore, the use of PRO-NOX is safe and highly effective as it takes effect in seconds. And the best part of using PRO-NOX is that its effects will start to disappear once the user stops inhaling the gas. This makes the use of PRO-NOX ideal for people who need to drive to and from the procedure by themselves. Another benefit of using PRO-NOX is that it helps in reducing anxiety making the whole tattoo removal process highly comfortable.

Doctor Ink Eraser is continuously bringing more and more innovation to their tattoo removal procedures to make the whole process as easy and comfortable for their clients as possible. And the addition of PRO-NOX has proven to be a big help to their efforts. They’re also offering the new PFD Patch in Atlanta as well.

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Doctor Ink Eraser has strived to develop a groundbreaking protocol using four different lasers, (Discovery Pico, RevLite SI, TriVantage 755, and Quanta Q+C) to remove unwanted ink and provide optimal results. They use a combination of Nanosecond and Picosecond technology to provide tattoo free outcomes in approximately 1/2 the time and treatments required with traditional lasers. Their lasers are FDA approved to treat any type of skin and remove any ink colors.

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