The Hormone Shift: Using Natural Hormone Balancing for Mood, Weight, Sleep & Female Health by Dawn Cutillo

Central, PA – Hormones play a crucial role in kick-starting and regulating bodily functions, but now new science shows that hormones play a major role in weight loss and metabolism especially for women as they age.  While hormones are indispensable in ensuring many essential functions in the body, hormonal imbalances wreak havoc causing a host of problems that can start as early as puberty and peak as a woman approaches menopause. Not only do hormones affect what shape women see in the mirror, out of whack hormones behaving badly cause women to not recognize who they are due to changes in mood, sleep, energy and libido lowering their quality of life.

In her book, The Hormone Shift, Cutillo tackles these two main areas women struggle with as they age – stubborn weight and the irritating and sometimes debilitating hormonal symptoms related to PMS and menopause. In this informative read, she explains that a simple hormonal shift can worsen with age, hitting its height closer to menopause.

Conventional medicine offers little answers and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) offers minimal results, while usually causing more weight gain. The fitness and diet industry seem to scratch their heads as to why women over 35 can’t lose weight the way they used to or at all. Frustration has been the outcome until now!

Cutillo’s fresh approach is called “natural hormone balancing.” By understanding the connection between a woman’s blood sugar, stress levels and her sex hormones, incredible results can be achieved quickly, safely and inexpensively. This book scientifically confirms that hormones are the key to weight loss, showing how the “calories-in-calories out” model is quickly becoming outdated, due to it no longer working for many women as they age.

The author further explains how balancing hormones irons out the afflictions of how a woman looks and feels by addressing the root of the problem; imbalanced hormones. She also touches on the risks of birth control pills, synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), thyroid concerns, hormone related cancers and even how hormones affect the disease and aging process.

In an encapsulation, The Hormone Shift, educates women on how to achieve and maintain hormonal balance long-term for wholesome health and optimal body functions that will prove to have life-changing effects on a woman’s emotional and physical stability.

Cutillo has over 30 years of experience in the health field. Due to her success with women in her our Lancaster, Pa center, she started to franchise her business. It is called BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers with over 20 locations and 15 more planned for 2019.

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About the author

Having been in the health industry for more than 30 years, being case specific in her natural hormone balancing protocol for over 20 years, Dawn Cuttilo is an undisputed expert in this field. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health and is a sought-after guest on national talk shows and news programs on topics of hormone health, anti-aging, weight loss, and stress management. Having appeared on CBS, Daytime, ABC, NBC, Fox, & Tribune, she’s also a national consultant for Natural Hormone Balancing. She works with health professionals and doctors to aid their clients/patients in balancing hormones to ease many of the related symptoms. Her breast cancer study facilitation was published internationally for her unique protocol for stress management. Dawn currently owns and operates the first BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center in Pennsylvania.

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