Calcularium the ‘almighty calculator’ is a much-needed upgrade to the regular calculation apps

Calcularium is a recently launched the mobile application on App Store that is also referred to as ‘the almighty calculator’ due to its unique abilities to make complex calculations with multiple features. With its descriptive, editable, gesture recognition and voice control features, it provides a much-needed alternative to the regular calculator apps. It is a unique product for a small touch screen device that makes calculation easier like never before.

Considering all the features it offers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has received great ratings and reviews from the users, one of whom says, “You can find a lot of different kinds of calculators but this is something completely new and awesome. This is your real helper if you need to calculate more than 2+2. The tutorial is great and helpful. History, customizable functions, variables, converter and much more. It is definitely the next generation of regular things.”

Calcularium enables the user to use gestures like tapping and swiping left/right to navigate between functions, access keypad, Add/delete numbers and more. It can also be controlled by voice and has the ability to understand spoken match questions and calculate the answer. For example, the user can say “6 bottles by 15 dollars” and the app will show the accurate result. It identifies verbal numbers and mathematical operations like addition, division etc. to provide quick and accurate results.

The user can set expression as a variable for using it later in other expressions and give every component a clear name to recall what it stands for easily. This means they can create a calculation, and next time when they reuse it from History section, every component will be clearly available. 

Major Features of the app:

• Voice-controlled, backed by Siri
• Real-Time WYSIWYG
• Multi-Level Sub-Calculations with No Limits
• The Ultimate power of Forth Touch and Select Mode
• History: Editable and Reusable Calculations
• Self-Explanatory Naming for Every Component
• Functions and Reusable Expressions
• Constants and Reusable Numbers
• Multi-Variable Functions as Forms
• Multiple Reversible Conversions
• Advanced Search
• Most-Used Calculations and Built-In Functions
• Clear Color-Coding
• Smart Brackets
• Context-Based Copy, Paste and Convert
• Multiple Ways to Share Your Calculation
• Root, Power, +/- and Equal
• Intuitive Gesture Language
• The interactive video tutorial is narrated by Siri

Calcularium is available for free download at App Store with in-app purchases to unlock Pro version, Full access, and Almighty version.

More information about the app can be found on its official website

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