New Professional Social Platform \”FansConnected\” just Launched

February 21st, 2019 – FansConnected is a new social platform for individuals that are looking for that vital connection with others and at the same time earn monthly recurring revenues. No one doubts what being in a social media network does. Synergy is what brings strength – weakness is banished when there is a connection to others who have what you don’t have. Of course, the saying that “one individual cannot be smarter than all the others” goes in this case.

FansConnected will certainly help individuals grow to new levels when they connect with one another. This is a platform that helps you, the creator, monetize your content and increases your already existing fan base. With this social platform, you will be able to earn monthly recurring revenues through fan subscriptions. It’s FREE to set up your individual money earning fan website.

Create Exclusive Content for Your Fans and Start Earning Today!

Fans Connected gives every creator, the ability to have their own personal fan site that pays when fans subscribe to their content. It’s a FREE personal monetized website that’s designed to let you express yourself, engage your fan base, and make revenue through monthly fan subscriptions. You are free to put what you want on your own personal fan site. It’s your style, your creation. You are the star!

Be yourself and be the creator that you are! Be the artist on your personal site. Your personal fan site will show off your creativity and show your fans what you wish to show them. You have the power to control your image and all of the content on your personal site. It’s 100% controlled by you.

About FansConnected:

Fans Connected is a social platform, based in The United States. Their area of specialization is that of linking like-minded individuals, to foster growth in the industry they find themselves and to equally meet their financial needs through monthly revenues.

For further information and to create content your fans want to see, log on to:

All Content Creators are Welcome!

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