Adriana Pernetz teaches the benefits of giving in new children’s book

Children’s Christian book author, Adriana Pernetz, launches her new book titled Gloria’s Dream, where she talks about hope, compassion, gratitude, friendship, and love

Adriana Pernetz has continued in her pursuit of teaching children and other such readers of her book life lessons to help them grow into responsible members of the society as she recently released another interesting yet informative children’s fiction in Gloria’s Dream. The book aims to teach children and other readers about the benefits of having hope, compassion, gratitude, friendship, and love and how little actions can go a long way in changing the world.

Studies have shown that children find it easier to learn in a fun environment as it allows them to learn while they have fun and without stress and boredom. Children’s books have therefore been identified as a good means of passing messages and teaching children some life lessons in a subtle way. These books are particularly great as they also provide graphic illustrations that make it easy to capture the attention of readers while also making it easy for them to understand the messages being passed. This is where Adriana Pernetz has been able to make a huge difference with her books, one of which is the recently released Gloria’s Dream.

Gloria’s Dream teaches selflessness and the importance as well as the difficulty involved in being selfless. The two major characters of the book are Goat and Gloria, with Goat learning a big lesson in compassion and giving by valuing others above self. In the book, a little goat who has always dreamt of having a human friend was made to face fear and anguish for the first time after his happy dreams vanished and were replaced with horrible visions.

The book basically talks about the adventures of Goat in companion of his friend Pig, and how he searched for his lost dream while dealing with anger and impatience.

While Gloria’s Dream might be a children’s book, its content and lessons can be applied everyone regardless of the age group and have consequently been receiving accolades from different quarters. “As we grow older we tend to forget our sweet dreams of harmony and peace in the world. This is exactly what Gloria’s Dreams invites you to do. She reminds you about the best values of humanity,” says DANITZA RIVERA.

The Kindle and paperback editions of the book are currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

About Adriana Pernetz

Adriana Pernetz was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She moved to Texas in 1997 to work in education. She completed her high school years in Trafalgar Castle School in Ontario, Canada where she learned English and the love of books. She has a degree in Pedagogical Sciences from UCAB in Caracas, Venezuela, and a Masters in Bilingual Education from SMU in Dallas, Texas. She has taught elementary school for over 20 years.

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