Stex’s Founder Vadym Kurylovych Joins The Advisory Board Of Cryptonomica

Vadym Kurylovych is a serial entrepreneur and CEO, Founder at Stex. He is joining the advisory board of Cryptonomica which an identity verification service and a global database of verified identities.

Vadym is a blockchain visionary and entrepreneur with extensive experience of 15+ year across products. He is currently the CEO, Founder at Stex which is a crypto exchange with best in class security. Prior to this, he was the CTO of Paragoncoin which was one of the most successful ICOs of all time.

He has actively been a part of the Blockchain industry since 2015 and has advised and been a part of many projects. He is regular to Blockchain summits and conferences across the world. His wide networks enables him to raise funds from Institutional Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. Vadym Kurylovych’s work experience and rich expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain is invaluable when developing scalable and complex technology solutions.

Cryptonomica is an online and offline identity verification service and a global database of verified identities with keys for signing electronic documents, blockchain transactions and KYC. Its mission is to use modern technologies such as cryptography, blockchain, decentralized applications, and international law with some law hacks, to build global borderless space for contracts and electronic documents interchange, where applicable law can be chosen and even created by users, but contracts are still recognizable and enforceable in legacy national legal systems.

Vadym Kurylovych said: “Identity on blockchain is going to instill a lot of trust into the whole cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem exactly what is needed at this hour. Cryptonomica can be the SSL of the blockchain industry.”

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