Vince Baiera and Baiera Wellness Products Announce First Six Month Sales Growth Dramatically Exceeding All Company Expectations

Six months ago, former traveling nurse and health and wellness consultant Vince Baiera decided to cast caution to the wind and launch a new business that would provide senior citizens with products that would help them to “remain healthy at home and age in place with dignity.” Now, six months later, Vince’s sales figures have clearly demonstrated overwhelming market demand and acceptance for that simple visionary idea.

Designed to assist seniors, the frail, and disabled with utilizing “the safest way to get in and out of bed,” Vince’s step2bed device was created to reduce the nearly one million preventable falls  each year experienced by America’s increasingly aging population. Within the first six months of operation, Vince’s step2bed product has experienced remarkable and consistent 40 to 100 percent month-over month-sales growth. The strong positive upward trend shows no signs of abating.

Perhaps most remarkably of all, within the same six-month period, step2bed achieved over 94% U.S. market share penetration, racking up sales in 47 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Within a short period, Vince expects to conquer Alaska, Montana, and South Dakota, as well.

With proof of concept now firmly established, Vince states he is already making plans to expand step2bed sales internationally. Moreover, the company intends to also expand into related product lines.  Vince states he is already working on developing a step2tub and step2shower line extension for the senior market. The two new products will be specifically designed to address the growing number of falls the elderly experience each year in their bathrooms.  

“Our soon-to-debut bathroom products line will have a similar look and feel to our flagship step2bed product,” Vince notes. “Both products will be tailored to focus on providing greater stability with getting in-and-out of tubs and showers, where the most dangerous slip and falls can occur. Each of these new fall prevention products will offer the same unmatched and enhanced support that step2bed device has provided. They will be significantly reduced in size, made more portable, easy to fold up, and therefore designed to more successfully integrate with the size and configurations of most bathrooms today where seniors state they are experiencing particular challenges.”

As an emerging thought leader and influencer in the lucrative senior health and wellness category, Vince’s quest to assist seniors to “remain healthy at home and age in place with dignity” has led him to plan to expand into an array of additional related products. Among them are home health and wellness digital information products to help seniors to achieve greater emotional and physical well-being and learn ways to extend longevity.  Vince is also looking into creating nutraceuticals that will be tailored to each senior’s individual needs and help provide greater efficacy and increased absorption rates more suited to those of advancing age.  

“As a family owned business, we’re grateful to everyone who has expressed interest in and support for our products,” Vince adds. “That’s why I’ve made it a practice to include a personal Thank You card with each order. I’ve further included with that card special opportunities to obtain significant discount on future products we soon intend to bring to market.”

“I’m also particularly proud of the amount of new business we’re bringing to local economies,” Vince amplifies.  “We currently work with 25+ small businesses or individuals that help us on a part-time basis.  We’re on track to continue to grow those numbers exponentially.  For me, the greatest satisfaction is not only knowing I can be a catalyst to help improve the quality and length of seniors’ lives, but to also provide jobs and support to the communities in which they live.”

Step2bed is currently being distributed by quality distributors such as Elite Custom Medical Supply. The step2bed can also be purchased on a wholesale basis.  The company has also been approached by major big box stores to further expand Vince’s distribution and reach. The step2bed solution can also be found online at Ebay. Amazon, and on Vince’s company website: 

For more information about step2bed, along with how you can get on the wait list to order future Baiera wellness products at a discount, visit:


Vince Baiera began his career working as an ICU Nurse at The prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. After working as a traveling ICU Nurse and visiting numerous countries to expand his skills and knowledge, Vince ultimately decided to move on from nursing to pursue healthcare consulting and teaching. 

After teaching at Central Nursing College in Los Angeles, Vince decided to start Baiera Wellness Products, a wellness product development company designed to create solutions to support keeping seniors able and independent.

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