Smart is Not Always Safe! Susan Jeffrey Busen’s Newly Released Bestseller Sheds Light on Harmful Radiation Emitted from Common Electronic Devices!

Dallas, TX, USA – Susan Jeffrey Busen has released a new book, Tormented by Technology: The Silent Health Effects of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation that compiles scientific evidence on the dangers of radiofrequency radiation. This new book has culminated after years of research, in an endeavor to shed light on the subject and warn others to take precautions. She also documents her health journey after being injured by electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation. Co-authors Tom, Will, and Dan Busen also play their part in making the book a valuable and reliable resource for the readers.

Tormented by Technology identifies the hazards, while providing effective solutions to reduce risk. According to ever-growing scientific evidence, wireless electromagnetic radiation can cause sleep disorders, cancer, DNA damage, neurological problems, infertility, and more. While the book discusses the dangers of radiation emitted from smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, and other wireless devices, it also provides solutions for using technology in a safer way, creating a safe sleeping space, and utilizing nature for safer living. It even provides some input on how schools can be made safer. Sharing important details from her own health battle with electromagnetic radiation, Susan discusses a great deal about Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and how to cope with the condition.

Investigative health coach and internationally renowned speaker, Susan Jeffrey Busen is a best-selling and award-winning author of 10 books. She is the founder of GetSet Tapping, which includes EFT and Tap into Balance, where she helps people and animals overcome physical and emotional traumas. Helping people live better through her work, Susan has also worked as an environmental biologist and research scientist. When faced with EHS, Susan began researching the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and found that even levels well below safety guidelines can be harmful. Years of research, hard work and personal struggle have led her to write Tormented by Technology.

After going through this crisis as a family, the book was written with Susan’s three sons Tom, Will, and Dan Busen working alongside her. Together, the team has conducted interviews, compiled scientific data, and wrote about their personal experiences. With this new book, they hope to reach a large demographic of people and raise worldwide awareness on the gravely important issue of radiation emitted from wireless technology so we can all live more safely in a high-tech world. The Busen family is available for interviews.

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