Why It Is Better to Rent Crates Than Buy Them for Moving

If you’ve ever had to relocate from one home to another, then you know that the process can be daunting to even think about. It’s not just the logistics of moving, but it’s everything that must happen before and after that can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are simple ways to make moving a little easier, while also minimizing the stress that tends to accompany relocation.

First, Make a List

As with many things in life, planning early ensures enough time to organize the move properly. It’s good to start a few weeks in advance in order to get all of your ducks in a row for moving day. For starters, you can develop a checklist with all of the required tasks. This list will keep you and everyone involved updated on what has to be accomplished and what’s already been completed. The checklist is something that you can create on a simple notepad – it doesn’t have to be complicated. However, you can categorize the checklist based on the week in which each item must be completed.

Next, Get Packing

One of the most important items that should be on your checklist is purchasing packing supplies or contacting PHS Teacrate Crate Hire services. This will ensure that everything you need for the move is readily available when you begin to pack. It’s better to rent crates instead of buying them because it’s more cost-effective. Crates are available in multiple sizes and can be delivered to your home, which further simplifies the moving process. If you decide to use Crate Hire services, you can start packing early and get a little bit done every day during the timeframe designated for packing. You can have the crates delivered whenever you need them. You can also have them picked up or drop them off at a nationwide depot.

When planning your move in advance and packing up crates over a period of time, you’ll want to maintain a crate for essential items that you need to use right way. This might include personal hygiene items, clothing, shoes and anything else that you must access on a daily basis.

Set Aside Donations

Another item on your checklist should be using one of the crates for donations where you place all of the items that you want to donate before your move. It might require several crates, but the purpose is to get rid of items that you don’t need to take to your new space. You can use the crates for sorting purposes and place items in a donation bag upon completion. Whether it’s clothing or furniture, what you take with you should be items that represent who you are at this juncture in your life. You should get rid of clothing that does not fit and furniture or appliances that you don’t particularly like. Some charities will even pick up donations, which is a great convenience.

Last, Don’t Forget the Details

One of the more frustrating aspects of moving is getting to your new location and not having utilities turned on. Whether it’s for electric or internet services, you’ll want to place the order well in advance because it can often take a couple of weeks for service providers to complete the order. You’ll also want to complete a post office forwarding notice in advance, which is an easy task since you can fill out the form at any point and specify the effective date. 

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