Laser Hair Removal In Hicksville Is Easy And Painless Says Beautyville Laser

Hicksville, NY – February 22nd, 2019 – Laser Hair Removal in Hicksville is gaining popularity says, Beautyville Laser and Aesthetics, the area’s top destination for folks wanting to rid themselves of unwanted hair in Hicksville, NY. Top Hicksville Laser and Aesthetic center are using the most advanced technology on the market to annihilate unwanted hair, says Natalie of Beautyville Laser and Aesthetics.

According to Natalie, laser hair removal treatments are gaining popularity, especially in the Hicksville, NY area. And with the increase in demand for cosmetic treatment, there is also an increase available laser devices being manufactured from all over the world. Right now there are dozens of different machines on the market all ranging in price, functionality, and ability. Beautyville Laser and Aesthetics say their Hicksville, NY Medspa has, “the best of the best” when it comes to aesthetic laser technology.

Inside the Beautyville facility located just off of Woodbury Road in Hicksville, you will find multiple advanced laser devices to treat multiple aesthetic concerns high-tech facials, hair restoration, stretch-mark removal, and even body improvements. However this month, the popular laser and aesthetic center is showcasing their incredible laser hair removal machine, made by Luminus Aesthetic Lasers, based out of Northern California.

The advanced laser device uses certain wavelengths which target the melanin in the unwanted hair, heats up the hair follicle and destroys it all while keeping the skin around the hair fully intact. According to Natalie, once the unwanted hair has been targeted by the laser, it is then absorbed by the body and broken down inside the body.

Natalie had this to say about the popular laser hair removal in Hicksville, NY process, “the treatments are actually quick and easy, much easier than most folks expect during their consultation.” she goes on to explain, “the machine we use is so advanced it is virtually painless and is incredibly quick. Of course, some areas are more sensitive than others and we provide cooling and extra care when it comes to these more sensitive areas. Once the areas have been treated any pain that occurred during the laser treatment subsides immediately and what’s left is slightly pink skin which may resemble a very slight sunburn for the next 30-60 minutes.” Natalie says once that sensitivity goes away, her clients are able to go about their normal activities including working out or going to the pool, as long as they aren’t exposed to the sun or getting a spray tan.

The Hicksville, NY Laser and Aesthetic Center is accepting new clients at the facility, they take walk-ins but prefer appointments made in advance. Anyone interested is encouraged to call the clinic to find out more info at 516-407-1062 or visit the Beautiville Laser and Aesthetic Medspa in Hicksville website

Beautyville is located at 394 Woodbury Rd Hicksville, NY 11801

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