Artificial Intelligence Solutions: Are People Ready to Implement AI Models?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly the talk of the town at the moment. But it is not just Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly the talk of the town at the moment. But it is not just that – another word on the street. It is certainly a common word in the business world only that most companies do not know yet how to use.

Currently, and every day for the coming years,a lot of companies are considering how to incorporate AI into their operations. In order to seamlessly run AI in your business though, you must answer a number of questions about feasibility. What will AI solve for your business? To find out if you are ready to start utilizing AI, it is important to ask yourself why you need this technology.

Try to find the problem you are trying to solve using this technology.

Exploit some other solutions first before resorting to a complicated solution like AI. Having a clear problem to solve using AI will help you reap massively from AI technology. On the other hand, if you have a vague idea of your problem, you may not enjoy all the benefits that come with utilizing AI.

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Remember that some problems like having anomalies,an event prediction or outcome, or optimizing a procedure or practice, can be addressed exhaustively by using AI. After identifying clearly the problem for AI to solve, you need to know your company’s current collection of data. Now, data is not just a part of AI; rather they are intertwined. For you to fully incorporate AI, you need to fully understand the connection between the data you’re compiling and the problem you want AI to solve for you.

Your data MUST form a kind of pattern. Simply put, you must have high-quality data if you want AI to work for you.

Important aspects of AI

When I talk about high-quality data I mean data that consists of 3 Cs: compactness,consistency, and completeness. Compactness in simple terms means the concision and singularity of the information to eliminate redundancy. Consistency on the hand is the uniformity of information to prevent problems in analysis. Finally, completeness is presenting the whole data set for the AI to produce an accurate solution to your problem.Having said the importance of data in employing AI, the team implementing AI is equally important for the success of the project.

You must have realized that implementing AI in your business is not as easy and simple as it appeals. Therefore, you must have a dedicated team with a clear understanding of the goal at hand before diving into the realm of machine-learning. Your team must be conversant with the system in-and-out. In addition to that, you must have a cross-alignment between your business processes to ensure data connectivity. Because of the complexity in implementing AI, most companies prefer to outsource to a company most familiar with the processes. But if you decide to go it alone, ensure you have an extensive IT infrastructure to implement a successful AI model.

This infrastructure would include:

• A number of servers

Data acquisition method

Enough data storage space

Algorithms and code running center

Remember that the greater the value of an AI solution, the more complex it may be to implement.

Other ways to implement AI solutions

As the old adage goes “easier said than done,” it can never be lesser true than in this case. Building up an IT infrastructure to implement an AI model is expensive and tasking. It is important to note that, utilizing an in-house model in many ways is a powerful tool for your company, however, the success of the model largely depends on your company. Infrastructure should not deter from implementing the AI model solution though. Like I mentioned earlier, you can always outsource to a company specializing in AI models. Companies like Tim Tech Consults provides you with ready-made solutions to the challenges you are facing so that you don’t have to worry about building expensive in-house infrastructure.

By: Mk Timothy aka Musasizi Timothy Karubanga

Founder Tim Tech Consults Uganda

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