Action Home Services Shares Asphalt Maintenance Tips For Winters

Action Home Services is a general contracting company serving Toronto, Richmond Hills, and nearby areas. As the leading landscaping company in GTA, the services offered by Action Home Services includes interlocking, asphalt paving, landscaping, pressure washing and sealing, concreting, decks and fences, demolition services and many more.
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Action Home Services, a Toronto-based premium landscaping company, has shared Asphalt Maintenance Tips for winters. The company, serving residential and commercial customers in GTA, specializes in interlocking services, driveway sealing, asphalt repair, and landscape designing.

Toronto has issued extreme cold weather and blowing snow alert for coming days. In view of the forecast of a further dip in mercury, Action Home Services has issued some helpful tips for homeowners in Toronto and nearby area to protect their asphalt driveway and pavement from extreme weather conditions. Constant temperature fluctuations can impact the structure of the asphalt, as well as the ground underneath. In fact, it’s not the harsh cold temperatures that negatively impact the asphalt surface but the freeze-thaw cycle which is to be blamed for damaging asphalt. According to the company, wet weather and low temperature are primarily responsible for cracks formation in the asphalt. When snow begins to melt, it creates pooling water on asphalt surfaces, which can compromise the integrity of the surface.

A driveway sealing expert at Action Home Services says, “As we need to protect ourselves from cold weather, in the same way, it’s important to protect both the interior and exterior of our homes, including our driveways.  First and foremost, whenever there is a seasonal change, homeowners should inspect their driveway and the surrounding area to identify potential problems. In addition to this, adequate drainage is important to avoid pooling and standing water. Deicing should be done cautiously as there are some agents like salt or magnesium acetate that can damage the surface of your asphalt. It is better to use a mix of sand and salt for melting ice. A regular shovel is recommended because it keeps the asphalt surface free of standing water and snow. Using shovel is a great way to remove snow before it can melt and cause damage. However, plow must be used cautiously as can cause small cracks and potholes in your asphalt pavement.”

Freezing ice and rain are the main culprits for damaging your driveway during winter. The best way to prevent your driveway against water, ice, car fluids, salt, and other chemicals eroding the surface is Seal coating. Action Home Services recommend homeowners to prepare their driveways for winters in advance. It is important to repair and seal cracks before winter cold sets in.  Applying a high-grade crack-sealing compound and a fresh layer of seal coat is the ultimate way to prepare the driveway ahead of winters.

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