Primo Fitness announces partnership with Panatta Sport, becomes authorized West Coast dealer

Santa Ana, California – February 25, 2019 – Primo Fitness,  the #1 provider of new and used gym products worldwide, recently announced a new partnership with Panatta Sport, a supplier of high-end, Italian-made fitness equipment. Primo Fitness will act as aPanatta Sport authorized dealer on the west coast of the United States, providing their many commercial and residential customers with Panatta Sport’s high-quality gym products.

Panatta Sport is the longest-serving Italian company in the fitness industry. They are also the only company to produce their top of the line fitness products exclusively in Italy. Their machines are a common fixture in premium gyms, country club fitness rooms, and other luxury fitness centers.

Panatta Sport offers retailers and wholesalers a portfolio of over 350 pieces of equipment to choose from — the widest and most complete range of products on the luxury fitness market. Among those products, Primo Fitness will carry Panatta Sport’s Freeweight HP Plate Loaded Line, Monolith Line, Fit Evo Line, and SEC Line.

The Freeweight HP Plate Loaded Line

Panatta Sport Freeweight HP Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment is designed to help fitness enthusiasts develop strength, power, and speed. Renowned by international athletes, this isotonic equipment provides some of the best joint biomechanics in the industry.

The Freeweight HP Plate Loaded line provides balanced and constant tension along a full range of physiological planes of motion. The trajectory of the Free Weight machine is biomechanically correct, so you can target every muscle group perfectly.

The Monolith Line

Panatta Sport Monolith Fitness Equipment is 100% Made in Italy and embodies a unique design that blends luxury, elegance, and ergonomics. Like the Freeweight line, the Monolith line provides some of the best biomechanics in the industry, even meeting the strict standards of professional athletes.

Along with luxury, the Monolith line was designed to save space. And although it is space-optimized, Monolith machines allow for the maximum number of workstations.

The Fit Evo Line

Panatta Sport Fit Evo Fitness Equipment is more modern in design when compared to its cousins, but it also represents an innovative approach to isotonic training. The line includes 53 different machines and 27 benches, all made from high-quality materials.

Like each Panatta line, the Fit Evo line includes gas piston adjustable seating. Transparent polycarbonate protects Fit Evo’s weight columns from moving weights, ensuring the safety and comfort of the user. Fit Evo’s cams are designed to ensure optimal load tension for a perfect workout.

The SEC Line

Panatta Sport SEC Fitness Equipment includes some of the sturdiest and most robust machines in the industry. Built using a clean design, and with insight from Panatta’s top-of-the-line biomechanics research, the SEC line offers both function and affordability with style that can’t be found elsewhere.

Primo Fitness has over 20 years of success selling both new and used fitness equipment to customers in the Southern California area and around the world. As a newly authorized dealer of Panatta’s celebrated brand products, Primo Fitness is excited to provide luxury, brand-name fitness equipment to gyms, fitness centers, and residences around the world. 

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