FarFalla Italy high-end elegant brand, the global women’s watch brand leader

Farfalla is the main brand of Italian fashion watches, inherited from a hundred years of family industry.Farfalla pursues the spirit of perfection with a lifetime of obsession. Through constant exploration, find extraordinary inspiration in our lives, and combine the unique creativity with the fine craftsmanship to create the exquisite craftsmanship with almost demanding requirements.

Gemma classic series,the theme of its design is the starry sky, the bright disk surface is like the gorgeous night sky surrounded by the stars. owned by Italian fashion brand FarFalla, has always been pursued by beauty-loving women due to its close relationship with the fashion industry. The designer has designed several watches to suit the needs of the Chinese and southeast Asian markets. Group company affirmed Asian market not only, also affirmed Chinese market highly. The group’s CEO believes that it is necessary to design a watch with Chinese characteristics for China, as China has entered an era full of confidence and vitality.

China representative fang is trying to attract investment to the distribution market and increase brand exposure. The group also authorized the Chinese representative to sell its brand products (including aromatherapy, clothing and diamond ornaments) on the Chinese Internet platform, allowing FarFalla to keep pace with the leading economic development in China.

The picture shows Gemma, a brand owned by Farfalla

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/I7Mp921sCSs

The video shows the Farfalla brand La Natura, with butterfly, flowers and plants as the design theme, showing a fresh and moving natural flavor.

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