Wix vs Shopify Comparison by Logic Inbound

Obviously, when you’re starting your own business or expanding an existing one to the vast realms of the online marketplace, you’re going to want to be very careful of your budget. Luckily, both Wix and Shopify offer a free trial period of 14 days, and neither of them will make you pay any kind of setup fee for your first online store.
Wix and Shopify are one of the world’s leading ecommerce platforms. These web services are affordable and can be used by nearly anyone to create professional online stores. On the face of it, they offer basically the same features, so which one is better? Anyone looking to create an online store will undoubtedly come across these options. To help this decision, Logic Inbound has published a full comparison which covers important aspects such as price, ease of use and customer support.

The popularity of online shopping has been steady throughout the years. This is evident from the fact that Amazon is one of the world’s most valuable companies, and a major portion of its business is ecommerce. There are smaller ecommerce stores as well, with plenty of room for entrepreneurship and niche products. People looking to open their own online store can absolutely do so today with little hassle involved.

One of the factors promoting the ease of ecommerce is the availability of hosted platforms such as Wix and Shopify. These allow anyone to create a professional online store quickly and without touching as much as a single line of code. Logic Inbound has published a comparison of Wix vs Shopify in which critical aspects of the two platforms are compared. These include the ease of use, the theme design, customer service and pricing.

When it comes to themes, both Wix and Shopify offer beautifully designed and modern themes that will look great for any ecommerce store. Wix however, presents an issue here as it does not offer the same amount of themes as Shopify. Wix is a website builder first, so all the themes available are mostly just for the website builder. Ecommerce themes are available, just not the amount that someone might expect. One positive aspect of Wix themes is that they are all completely free. Shopify on the other hand charges significantly for premium themes. However it is worth mentioning that the free themes are just as good as the premium offerings.

Most users looking to start their own ecommerce store will undoubtedly look at the pricing structure of Shopify vs Wix. Here, Wix has an advantage as it costs just $17 per month and comes with a respectable suite of features. Shopify offers its online store building features for $29, which is significantly more than Wix. Still, it is recommended to spend a little extra for the platform which is better as this is always going to a long-term commitment.

Saving a few dollars but having a compromised set of features in the future will severely impact the business in the long-run.

Customer support is another factor to consider when choosing an ecommerce platform. No matter easy these products are to choose, users will still need access to reliable customer support in the event something goes wrong. In this regard, Shopify comes ahead with its wide variety of customer support options. There’s round-the-clock live chat, email and phone support available to all Shopify customers, regardless of the price plan they choose.

Wix customers on the other hand have to rely on email support. Though, it should be mentioned that there is a callback service available from 5am-5pm PST Monday through Friday. According to Wix, users can expect a callback within 5 minutes. That is certainly respectable, but simply not as good as round-the-clock support during any day of the week.

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