Chicago’s Tough Winters Loosen, Make Mortar Fall from Brick Wall Surfaces

Many property owners in Chicago have yet to learn the terms “tuckpointing,” and “re-pointing.”

If they own a brick building, they’ll learn about it eventually.

Tuckpointing (or tuck pointing) is a process in which two different colors of mortar are used to create an illusion that a fine joint has been formed between the bricks. Basically, that brick color-matching mortar fills the joint and the contrasting mortar (thinner line) is added on top.

This is an intricate technique requiring the most skilled tradesman.

“Pointing” means the mortar line you see between the bricks, stones, and blocks.

“Re-pointing” means removing old, deteriorating mortar from between the bricks, stones, or blocks, and replacing it with new mortar mix.

The weather, especially freezing temperatures, ice and snow, causes the mortar to deteriorate and flake off.

EDMAR’s professionals are prepared to do this job with years of experience.

Replacing the mortar requires using an angle grinder, but it is obvious on many of the tuckpointed Chicago buildings that this first, extremely important, re-pointing step has been skipped entirely or the old mortar, instead of being removed, was only scratched to provide some grip for the new mortar.

Removing any remaining debris and dust from the masonry surfaces and wetting them to ensure maximum hold for the new mortar is the next step. All that can be easily achieved by power washing the surfaces with plain water.

Applying new mortar is a slow, meticulous effort that requires special skills and a lot of patience.

EDMAR delivers that patience and craftsmanship to customers every day. And their estimates are always free of charge.


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