Author Aicha Kouyate Kaba’s Stuck in Africa aims to give readers new perspective on the continent

Debut novel to donate 10 percent of proceeds to Guinea foundation for school children

February 25, 2019 – Durham, NC – Author Aicha Kouyate Kaba has officially published her debut novel Stuck in Africa: A Novel. The novel is available as an eBook and paperback through Amazon Kindle and for the Barnes and Noble Nook device.

Kaba moved to the United States from Guinea at a young age, and through the culture shock, bullying, and harassments she faced, she also encountered the negative views the American media has on Africa to be wrong. Her novel will open the eyes of everyone in confronting the claims, beliefs, and derogatory comments U.S. President Donald Trump made of the continent.

Stuck in Africa tells the story of Aicha, an adventurous young woman who takes a trip to her ancestral motherland of Guinea. Through her travels, Aicha loses her passport and connection to her family back in the U.S. Aicha is left stranded in Africa and must find her way back home to America. During her stay in Guinea, Aicha’s life is changed and shaped through a series of events. She also finds out just how wrong the American media’s portrayal of Africa is.

“I used a lot of what I have learned during my trip to Guinea and just how different life really is in Africa to what is shown by America’s media,” Kaba said. “It’s an inspiring story that uncovers the raw truth about Africa and America.”

Kaba wrote Stuck in Africa to highlight the importance of self-identity, race, women, education, and what it means to be a leader of a community. She hopes it will inspire those who read it and encourage them to make a difference.

According to Kaba, Stuck in Africa will be the most “steaming hot controversial book of the year,” as she uses it to call out President Trump’s derogatory remarks that were made about African countries.

“Stuck in Africa showcases the real beauty and truth about the continent,” Kaba explained. “It’s a book that unites everyone together to take a closer look within themselves and examine the world a bit more closely, and how we can make it a better place.”

Kaba will donate 10 percent of Stuck in Africa’s proceeds to the Kouyate Kaba Foundation. The author started the foundation to supply children in Guinea with vital school and medical supplies.

Stuck in Africa can be purchased as an eBook or paperback on Amazon for Kindle or for Barnes and Noble Nook.

About the author

Aicha Kouyate Kaba has always been in love with reading and creative writing. As a young girl, she escaped into her diaries after moving from West Africa to America. Writing provided Kaba with an escape from culture shock, bullying, and other personal issues she faced. Kaba is an advocate of progressive movements and has voiced her opinions in her writing. Kaba spent five years writing and perfecting her debut novel Stuck in Africa. She hopes that her debut book influences change and inspires everyone who reads it.

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