‘Ginger’s Quest’ by Kim Mahfood Explores Life after Divorce, Dating and Finding Courage to Live On

Florida – February 25, 2019 What does it take to overcome a mid-life crisis? While some gravitate towards spirituality and self-help gurus, others find courage and strength in God and their inner self. Author Kim Marie Mahfood tackles the deepest challenges that life throws at us in her latest work, ‘Ginger’s Quest’.

Ginger is a middle-aged woman who has just gone through a divorce. This is uncharted territory for her, and as expected, she longs to reclaim her life by finding love again. She visits self-help sessions, tries out yoga, meets with psychics, tries manicures and massages, and rekindles her spiritual self. The dating scene, however, isn’t like what it was in the 90s. Ginger gets to meet different men with funny experiences. Will she find her dream man, or take comfort in her faith in God and inner strength, and face the future alone and with courage?

‘Ginger’s Quest’ tackles deep issues with hope, light-hearted humor, romance and faith in one’s own self. The story of Ginger reveals a universal truth, that self-belief is all important, and no situation can push one down. Positive people inspire strength, and so one must keep away from the haters and negativity to continue with life’s journey as it is supposed to be.

Kim Mahfood writes from her own personal experiences of a divorce, and how she re-gained strength to move forward. The book aims to be inspiring like ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, and humorous like ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, Kim’s favorite books.

As I went through the process of dating between 2010 and 2015, I discovered that so much has changed relating to dating options and availability. This book showcases the experiences available to singles and how to embrace the many options,” says Kim.

‘Ginger’s Quest’ has been featured at the Frankfurt International book fair October 2018, and the LA Book Fair April 2019. This is a book that will make the reader laugh and absorb inspiration to face the ever changing tide of life.

Kim Marie Mahfood was born on the island of Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Lighthouse Point, Florida, at the age of eight. She has worked in various fields, including mental health counseling, the export and import business, public relations and marketing, and now works with a nonprofit helping the poor throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. She presently lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

‘Ginger’s Quest’ is available from www.amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and www.Authorhouse.com

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