February 25, 2019 – Prominent Kitchenware oriented producing company known for household items, KITCHENWARECOOL  proudly announces the launch of its no rivalry and inspirational product called ‘THE FIRST NO MESS CUTTING BOARD’.

The Brand KITCHENWARE.COOL continues with its giant stride of ranking number one for new release of ground breaking and exceptional products for the ease of stress. This time the firm launches its latest product – THE FIRST NO MESS CUTTING BOARD

The first of its kind no mess cutting board has a unique dimension measured 32cm by 21cm and a height of 2cm. It weighs 650g with the capacity of taking garbage up to 650g. It comes with a Detachable garbage bag holder for ease of cleaning mess and disposal, its configured to be Slope in shape  so the mess is directed into the garbage bag easily.  Get wowed with the video about this brilliant product.

The product which have been tagged “cool and clever,” unarguably posses a great solution to a lot of everyday problems and inconveniences. Unbelievable it avoids water spillage easily dispose of rubbish from board.

This awesome kitchen tool is not just user friendly but it is also eco-friendly. The manufacturer ensured greatness using wheat materiall to achieve its uniqueness and also had to work with anti bacteria to avoid bacteria growth on it.

This is the first of its kind in the world; we intend to market it globally in the fastest possible way. The earlier people have the product, the healthier and better the quality of life they will have because it doesn’t only avoid the mess, it also separates the mess from the clean food while cutting quickly.” – Tzemeng Choon (Producer)

One of the modern day’s creative products is this Innovative Cutting Board, which will be a great addition to any kitchen and dining room in the world. It is not referred to as “the first no mess cutting board” by accident , it has been earning accolades, praises and recommendations by many who have experienced using it, there have been a lot of wonderful feedbacks as well as referral for its order, which can only be a pre order for now till June 2019.

Its strongly believed to visiting Indiegogo helps satisfy the curiosity of seeking newest innovations, hence the technically built for class and durability ‘no mess cutting board’ has been placed and made available to well wishers to back it through this Indiegogo Page (

As Kitchenware.Cool seek to raise some funds for production, marketing and legal cost, the management of the firm has affirmed that those who fund it with USD 29 will get the actual board estimated to be available in June 2019. This amount includes shipping meanwhile its likely going to be a limited offer.

Kitchenware.Cool is a global firm that deals with utensils with a vision of enhancing convenience for users and strongly adhere to making professionalism its motto. The company has a range of unique products which can be view either on the company’s website or any its social media pages such as YouTube, Facebook, twitter or Instagram  with the name KitchenCool

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