Directed Evolution Developed by Creative Biomart: More Than Evolution in Test Tubes

New York – Feb 25th, 2019 – Creative Biomart, the world’s leading biotech company focusing on developing high-quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques, recently announced the release of its flagship program: Directed Evolution which is commonly used for in vivo protein display in protein engineering. Winter developed and improved methods for phage display and invented methods for applying it to evolve antibodies suitable for use as human therapeutics.

Creative Biomart offers a complete genebank building package that selects the best display strategy and high-throughput screening for final production and gene/protein identification. Our in-house experts specialize in especially in vivo and in vitro display platforms, and we are also dedicated to the development of a variety of targets, including proteins, antibodies, small molecules, strains etc.

As a key technology to express the gene library during directed evolution, the principle of protein display technology aiming to present a variety of similar proteins in a system, and each protein is physically linked to its coding DNA or RNA. In other words, protein display links the phenotype to its corresponding genotype. Phage display was originally developed to express the target protein on the outer shell of the phage. At present, there are various display methods have been developed and can be divided into two major categories, that is, in vivo and in vitro. The typical in vivo display technologies include phage display, E. coli display, yeast display, and some other special cell-based displays. In vitro display, also known as cell-free display, consists of ribosomes, RNA and DNA display.

Directed evolution not only creates catalysts for a variety of complex chemical reactions but also makes enzymes and biofuels more environmentally friendly. Phage displays are very simple biological structures, they consist of genetic material wrapped in protein capsules. Like other viruses, they cannot self-reproduce, but hijack the metabolism of bacteria. Since phage can be used with almost any protein, Winter began using phage to make antibodies. In order to find the best antibody against the disease, he exposes the antibody-carrying phage to disease targets – such as protein or DNA sequences.

In the purification step, the phage which the antibody does not adhere well to the target is removed. Those who performed well were subjected to a round of random mutations and repeatedly searched for antibodies that best fit the disease target. This cycle is repeated several times to produce an antibody that strongly binds to its target, and can theoretically be used as a drug. Phage display creates a whole new way of making antibodies. Before it was invented, scientists had to rely on mice to make antibodies that were not well tolerated by people’s immune systems, making them candidates.

Phage display is essentially a different type of directed evolution. Both methods use natural biosynthetic mechanisms to create new molecules: directed evolution enables new enzymes, phage display to produce better therapeutic antibodies.

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