Creative Biostructure Unveils Atomic Force Microscopy Service to Solve Processing and Materials in Various Industries

New York – Feb 25th, 2019 – Creative Biostructure, a leading innovative biotech products and services provider, recently releases Atomic Force Microscopy service which will help scientists to solve processing and material problems with near-atomic resolution images for surface topography in various technologies which affecting the electronics, telecommunications, biomedical, chemical, automotive, aerospace, and energy industries. This new release of Atomic Force Microscopy service mainly features with unprecedented clarity that displays key information about surface features, including 3D images and quantitative data analysis.

The premium Atomic Force Microscopy service offered in Creative Biostructure can support to measure surface structure and features through atomic forces between the probe tip and the sample. Our in-house experts can provide with highly accurate measurements such as surface topography, dopant distribution, magnetic domain characteristics and a variety of other sample properties to offer customers the information as required.

As an advanced form of stylus profilometry where an extremely sharp inert tip is scanned over a surface to produce topographical images. When the atoms at the end of the tip approach those on a surface there is an initial attractive force which becomes repulsive as they touch. The force of penetration into the sample is a measure of the local hardness. There are many variants of AFM are capable of imaging features that are too small to be seen in conventional optical microscopy, that’s the reason that SEM analysis is often required. However, AFM can be performed in air or under liquid, requiring very little sample preparation and facilitating the provision of topographical measurements such as roughness parameters.

At present, the typical industry using AFM includes corrosion, health care, medical equipment, semiconductor etc. As it allows nanoscale studies of cells and molecules, recent advances have made it useful in cancer research and diagnostics. The technical advantage of AFM is the main reason for its rapid and widespread use in biology and medicine. First, due to the extremely high resolution of AFM, direct three-dimensional imaging of molecules and even atomic structures can be performed. Secondly, AFM samples are simple to prepare, display little damage to the original structure, and can objectively and accurately determine the original appearance of the sample. Since the sample can be observed under physiological conditions, AFM can record the dynamic processes of molecules, organelles and other structures in living cells in real time.

‘AFM has a good application prospect in the diagnosis and treatment of biomedicine and clinical medicine, especially cancer.’ said Jerry Carter, the marketing director of Creative Biostructure, ‘Based on the unique advantages of AFM, it can be used to study changes in tumor tissue and intracellular ultrastructure and mechanical properties, which can be used as a basis for clinically assisted diagnosis. Besides, our AFM services also are capable to support research in other areas to satisfy specific requirements.’

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Founded in 2005, Creative Biostructure provides high-quality products and services that are applied worldwide in research fields for diverse applications, enhancing the development of biotechnology and bioscience. As a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience, we can offer insightful strategies on structure determination of macromolecules.

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