WIMI-AIad INSERT Platform of WIMI Hologram AR Achieves 690 Million AR Holographic Cloud AI Embedded Advertising

Traditional entertainment is currently facing such problems as the convergence of models, high degree of homogenization, and necessity of introducing new techniques and new plays, and new technologies are bound to upgrade the possibility of interaction between players in the game. In recent years, with the maturity of AI technologies such as gesture recognition, face recognition, and voice recognition, environmental perception of hardware has been continuously enhanced, and more interesting plays are gradually coming true. 3D AR holographic entertainment of WIMI Hologram AR integrates multiple audiovisual technologies to solve practical problems in the industry.

According to detailed data of 59 markets in the America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and other regions, the latest global advertising spending forecast released by a world-famous professional media company in September shows that despite less than the estimated growth rate of 4.6% released in March, global advertising spending still reached 529 billion US dollars in 2017, with a growth rate of 4%, and at the same time, global advertising spending will also have a further increase of 800 billion US dollars in 2018, with a growth rate of 8.7%.

Faced with such a large and vast commercial advertising market, some of the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced AR holographic companies cannot wait to enter the market and desire a share of profits. AR holographic cloud AI advertising platform of WIMI Hologram AR has conducted applications in various professional fields.

Ecological components of WIMI Hologram AR are divided into two categories: online and offline, with the business form including regular platform-based business and non-standard project-based business. WIMI Hologram AR’s business revenue consists of three major items: holographic AR advertising, holographic AR entertainment and holographic AR technological services.

First, the advertising business is divided into two parts including online and offline AR holographic advertisements. The online business is mainly mobile AR holographic advertisement display and light entertainment advertisement application, while the offline advertising is divided into two types: WIMI Hologram AR advertising display sites sales and non-standard project-based advertisements display.

Second, the entertainment business is divided into online and offline AR holographic interactive entertainment. The online entertainment business is mainly the insertion of AR holographic effect of film and television, insertion of AR holographic effect of live show and short video, and development and operation of AR holographic games. Offline entertainment business provides the company’s own holographic digital IP copyright distribution and authorization services, holographic cinema services and holographic performance services.

And finally, technical services involve providing technical services for advertising and entertainment platforms, as well as technical support for holographic AR demanded by WIMI Hologram AR in the social, educational, medical, military, home, industrial, tourism, e-commerce and other industries.

For the entire AI-MBT WIMI Hologram AR, virtual and holographic advertising system is physically composed of clusters of multiple servers, and the terminal devices (holographic terminals, PCs, mobile phones, etc.) can have an access to such a system through proxy server entries. The front-end computer used for advertisement delivery can effectively enhance the protection for the front-end advertisement delivery, reduce the round trip between the server and the client, solve the problem of ad blocking, and adopt the cookie services in cache structure in response to frequent access. Advertising delivery also provides advertising monitoring data feedback for customers.

The construction of AI-MBT WIMI Hologram AR center adopts the mainstream cloud computing concept, extensively employs advanced technologies and application modes such as virtualization, distributed storage and distributed computing, and combines with specific services to ensure the effectiveness and applicability of advanced technologies and models applications. The platform provides reliable computing, storage, network and other resources. The system needs to consider appropriate redundancy in hardware, network, software, etc., so as to avoid single point of failure and ensure reliable operation of the cloud platform.

Such basic resources as computing, storage, and network of the AI-MBT WIMI Hologram AR need to be scaled according to the needs of the business application workload. The AI-MBT WIMI Hologram AR adopts an open system which is compatible with industry-wide devices and mainstream operating systems, virtualization software, and applications, thus enabling the cloud platform to greatly reduce costs of development, operation, and maintenance. WIMI Hologram AR platform fully considers the need for supporting multiple users and multiple businesses, so as to ensure that on the one hand, the basic resources are automatically and dynamically scheduled among different applications and users according to requirements, and on the other hand, different services must be isolated from each other to make sure good performance of multiple services at the same time.

WIMI Hologram AR 3D online entertainment business covers middleware platform development, WIMI Hologram AR scenes insertion into Internet film and television, WIMI Hologram AR 3D scenes insertion into short video/live show, and WIMI Hologram AR entertainment production, distribution and operation. WIMI Hologram AR 3D Pay is a middleware platform for building user tags and big data analysis systems based on cloud computing. At present, WIMI Hologram AR 3D entertainment has been qualified with mature global distribution capabilities, world’s leading technology and quality services, providing high-quality in-depth services for a wide range of industries and meeting all 3D AR holographic application scenarios and technical needs of customers.

WIMI Hologram AR provides customers with lightweight applications of AI holographic augmented reality. Through the streamlined intelligent virtual editing technology, it provides customers with all-round digital virtual scenes, realizes special effects and inserting editing of virtual scenes, and achieves inserting applications of AR scenes, characters, props, and advertisements.

WIMI Hologram AR applies augmented reality to high-quality IPs, with more than 700 million users totally. In the fields of short video on mobile Internet, games, applications, photography, and advertising, WIMI Hologram AR Platform has completed intelligent implantation of Augmented Reality (AR) holography for 30 million times, and displayed AR totally for more than 3 billion times. Moreover, WIMI Hologram AR has made smart portraits for 300 million users through the AI plug-in, and provided tabbed AR holographic insertion of applications according to the AI algorithms. Then, WIMI Hologram AR provides AI augmented reality insertion services for thousands of business customers, involving the intelligent AR holographic synthesis of more than 4,000 business scenarios and 600,000 applications. WIMI Hologram AR applies augmented reality to high-quality IPs, with more than 700 million users totally. WIMI Hologram AR takes the advantage of its subsidiary to provide AI augmented reality services for hot Internet TV series and long videos, with the audience including: 1.06 billion views on Wasd Beyond Light Years, 1.31 billion views on HUAJIANGHU, 340 million views on The Great Adventurer, and 1.28 billion views on Yi Guan Xiao Zhuan. Additionally, WIMI Hologram AR has provided more than 8 billion services of AR 3D implantation of AI scenes, characters and props.

At the same time, WIMI Hologram AR integrates holographic effect and IP into augmented reality through AR holographic synthesis technology, providing various solutions for 100+ contract customers. It makes holographic entertainment popularized, and based on entertainment needs of users on currently popular live show and short video platforms, it also provides insertion solutions of AR holographic effect scenes, characters, props and advertisements.

WIMI Hologram AR 3D online entertainment has always adhered to the development of 3D AR holographic core technology, and has been always in leading position in the fields of AR 3D engine, holographic production plug-in development, entertainment development. Further, it has also optimized and improved the performance, universality, expressiveness and usability of engine and plug-in.

WIMI Hologram AR 3D online entertainment takes advantage of high-quality 3D AR holographic game products to attract users. At the same time, it employs the forum business model and perfect agent mechanism to form a circular ecosystem of games. Besides, it also grasps the development trend of big data on the Internet platform, follows the direction of 3D AR holographic industry technology and business development, timely adjusts the directions of technology and product to ensure its leading position in terms of product technology and product content, and analyzes user behaviors and builds a multi-dimensional, accurate and timely service system based on massive mobile terminal data.

WIMI Hologram AR online entertainment platform will further establish the cooperation with world-famous development companies so as to provide core technologies and expand the applicability of products in different cultural regions.

The current WIMI Hologram AR Advertising is limited to the interaction between people and the environment as well as between people and equipment. With the development and application of new technologies, interaction between human will become a part of the WIMI Hologram AR 3D Advertising interaction. At present, MR devices integrating AR and virtual reality have been generated, which means that people may meet each other in the game world in the future, resulting in more interactive content. Therefore, upgrade of interaction is an inevitable development trend. It is expected to achieve effective interaction between people and thus upgrade of enjoyment. With the continuous innovation of technology, technical ideas of multi-person interactive equipment and multi-person interactive scenes is bound to come true.

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