Chinese Designer Shines at Paris Fashion Week: Land Dannie Shows Haute Couture Parent-Child Wear

On February 15th, Paris time, the well-known brand Land Dannie cooperated with the renowned designer Nicole Fu Launched Weekend collection, which is Haute Couture parent-child wear show at Place Vendôme, one of the most famous squares in Paris. The show was organized by a French team , who arranged fashion shows for Givenchy, Cartier Zuhair Murad and other world-class fashion brands etc., Celebrities from the French fashion industry and the fashion media attended this show.

This is a memorable women. The Haute Couture parent-child brand, Land Dannie, brought us such a beautiful and exquisite show in Paris, the birthplace of Haute Couture. These Haute Couture clothing present the collision and fusion of France and Chinese Culture, create a new trend of parent-child wear, and define a different weekend style.

With the continuous development of China’s economy and the consumption upgrading of Chinese customers, the Chinese parent-child wear market has shown great potential. More and more modern and young parents agree and accept parent-child costumes, which can show their fashion attitude with their children. The famous designer Fu Suqin has great passion in parent-child wear. In her view, many high-end families have the needs to attend important events, but for them, there is a lack of really good design. Children’s dress is as important as adults. A well-crafted dress can not only bring to children enough confidence, but also become a highlight of the audience. It can also become a good memory and a good yearning for children’s future life. The ability to match the style of the parents wearing styles can greatly enhance the child’s happiness. “I am not only designing clothes, but also presenting a fashion and beautiful life, and I believe it can bring harmony, happiness, elegance and nobleness to more families.”

The theme of the collection is Weekends depicting the happy scenes of a fashion-loving mother with a lively and lovely child attending a high-end weekend party. The whole collection is relaxed, lively, stylish and refined. Different from the traditional Haute Couture show, children’s Haute Couture not only have elaborate craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, novel and unique styles, but more importantly, it should reflects the child’s pure and beautiful heart and vitality. As Nicole Fu has always insisted, design is always for people. In this collection, she made breakthroughs in crafts, fabrics, patterns and colors.

In terms of craftsmanship, she used high-quality beads, rhinestones and other materials to present a variety of delicate flower shapes. In addition, she also used a lot of hand embroidery, which takes hundreds of hours of work; on the fabric, she made full use of noble Elegant jacquard fabrics, those exquisite patterns are all her original designs. Not only that, she also created a variety of fabrics such as special double-layer fabrics, which enhance the delicateness and three-dimensionality of the garments; She fully considered the comfort of the child when wearing, and adopts a novel and stylish version. Color is the core of Nicole’s design. The whole collection is based on pure white, sweet pink, elegant green, fresh blue and graceful gray, creating a beautiful and dreamy world. After the show, the guests who watched the conference said that they never imagine the children’s clothing can be done in such delicacy!

Land Dannie was born in Paris, the world’s fashion capital. It follows the elegant dress style of the French aristocracy in 18th century and is widely beloved with its excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship, scientific design and exquisite design. Land Dannie fully considers the psychological needs and aesthetic preferences of women. According to the shape of oriental women, it adopts international high-quality environmental-friendly fabrics and advanced design concepts to satisfy the high-end fashion people who pursue refined life.

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