Tower Crane Signage can enhance the reputation of construction company projects

Melbourne, Australia – Tower Crane Signage has been a business partner to construction companies in Australia, Asia and the Middle East, bringing our clients to the forefront of the construction industry platform in their region through our illuminated tower crane signs.

As a construction company business partner, Tower Crane Signage is an established leader in crane signs within Australia, Asia and the Middle East. The advertising we offer is by far the best on the market for LED Tower Crane Signs, and all work is 100% engineered in Australia for safety and regulatory compliance.

Traditional signage for tower cranes has always provided problems with wind resistance and load on the crane, our signage however is designed to totally eliminate these problems, while providing the best visibility both day and night, to make your construction company or project name stand out.

The towering presence of these crane signs over cities provides a unique opportunity to build your brand awareness at your specific construction site and gain new clients through promotion and visual presence of each new project you undertake. The signs are completely re-usable, and very low maintenance is required, which we also provide on an as required basis.

While traditional tower crane signboards often only provide a lifespan of 6 months to a year, our signage has a lifespan of between 3 to 5 years, and is able to be completely refurbished. The installation of signage is a simple process, and can be undertaken before the crane is erected. However if this is not possible, it is also very common for us to undertake fitting while the crane is fully erected.

We offer 3 types of tower crane signage to choose from:

  • Extremely bright led illuminated tower crane signage
  • Light-box style illuminated tower crane signage
  • Regular non-illuminated crane signs

Our products come with a full warranty against defects and are fully tested for at least 48 hours continuously before delivery. The signage is low voltage, requiring only a 24 volt connection, hence improving safety and barely impacting upon the running costs of the sign, along with providing a wide range of power sources to use to illuminate. The signage is completely shock proof, and weatherproof for all conditions.

However by far safety is our number one priority, hence the signage from start to finish is focused on having absolutely no impact on the safe working operation of your crane, full engineering in Australia and low voltage operation ensures you receive the safest product possible regardless where in the world you are located.

For more information on our tower crane signage products you can visit our website at where you will find our full contact details.

Simply call your nearest regional office and our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with your custom tower crane signage product enquiry.

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