Decentralized Exchange Vtoken and Paydex Were Invited to Appear in Times Square, New York, USA

On February 26, 2019, Vtoken, the world’s largest decentralized exchange, joined hands with Paydex to land on the Nasdaq and Reuters big screens in Times Square, New York, and opened the frontier of the blockchain at the “crossroad” of the world, showing everyone the innovations and strengths of Vtoken and Paydex in the blockchain field.

The Nasdaq and Reuters big screens in the center of Manhattan Times Square in New York, USA have always been the showcases of the world’s top companies and the first window to the world. Nasdaq has witnessed the dreams and miracles of countless companies. Internet giants Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, and Tencent have all presented miracles and dreams to the top of the world. In the era of change in the blockchain in 2019, Vtoken teamed up with Paydex to bring significant innovations of decentralized exchange and the digital payment eco-chain V Payment also landed on the world window, showing the world its power and influence of innovation in the blockchain field.


As the world’s largest decentralized exchange, Vtoken is the first to propose the technical concept of operations for decentralized exchanges. While the traditional centralized exchanges like Binance are transforming, Vtoken has been operating close to one year with more than 4 million users in the world. With the features of decentralized exchanges, users are clearer about exchanges, and the assets are more secure. This can avoid the advantages of traditional centralized exchanges using information opacity to manipulate the market. The blockchain industry caused a sensation, won the attention of the world media, and attracted the attention of fans and developers of blockchain technology. Vtoken’s future positioning is a world-class decentralized trading community and a global high-quality public chain incubation base. Paydex serves as a payment bridge for Vtoken’s global ecosystem. Paydex will meet the global users’ needs of sending and receiving payments, online merchant shopping, online shopping, and gaming platforms and other various blockchain media applications to create a real-time flexible blockchain payment ecosystem.

An exchange can’t be fair, transparent and decentralized if it doesn’t have a transparent cross-node query. A public chain can’t be commercialized if it doesn’t have a circulation ecology of DAPP, Vtoken and Paydex will inspire to change the status of the blockchain industry to make users benefit more and make every transaction fairer and more transparent.

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