Microbial Testing Lab In UK Announces To Offer A Wide Range Of Laboratory Testing Services For Different Sectors

MSL microbiological lab is one of the leading microbiological testing laboratories in the UK that specialize in laboratory testing services for cosmetics, personal care, biocides, household cleansing products and other sectors.

With their comprehensive range of microbiological testing and consultancy services, MSL promotes discovery and development of new and effective products. In the areas of cosmetics and personal care products, such types of lab tests prove instrumental in determining the precise composition of various product components that can deliver the best results. The leading microbial testing lab in the UK offers their services for clients not only in the United Kingdom, but also in many other foreign countries.

According to the spokesperson of the microbiological lab, they have been providing lab testing services since 2001, allowing product manufacturers to meet the regulatory needs and launch their products in the market. MSL employs a holistic approach and helps companies develop new products in a cost-effective manner, maintaining the highest standards in the industry. With a team of scientists and technologists, the UK laboratory offers its professional expertise, which is backed by their knowledge and experience. The spokesperson states that they offer clear advice and guidance to the clients on regulatory matters, so that there won’t be any technical problem in getting approval from the authorities.

MSL is one of the reputed biocide laboratories that conduct tests to help biocidal products getting approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or any Competent Authority for Biocides in the UK and other European countries. The laboratory makes sure that the client meets the regulatory compliance as set by the regulatory authorities of a country. Biocidal products are designed to control the growth of the harmful organisms, such as virus, fungus, bacteria and others.  These products, such as disinfectants, hand washes, repellents etc should not offer a negative consequence to humans or a living organism. With their biocide testing services, MSL makes sure that the client’s products are safe for the human use.

MSL is one of the well-known microbiological testing laboratories that can perform any kind of microbiological test methods, such as ISO, JIS, EU.pH, US.pH and others. Besides offering a comprehensive range of testing services, the testing lab can also offer testing solutions tailor-made to meet a client’s testing needs. The spokesperson reveals that they have been offering microbiological testing services since their foundation in 2001, and by adopting an integrated approach, they save both time and money of clients, while ensuring an error-free testing result. They adopt a seamless process and offer in-house testing services to brand owners and contract manufacturers around the world.

To know more about their testing services, one can visit the website https://www.msl.io.

About MSL

MSL was founded in 2001 as a microbiological testing laboratory, primarily for the personal care and household cleansing markets and that is still at the core of their business. The company has grown year on year and is also expanding into new markets on a regular basis. They offer organizations an integrated approach, resulting in products and services getting to market quickly, legally and cost effectively, whilst still ensuring the highest standards of testing.

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