‘The Poems of Common Sense’ by Victorine Ngangu Realistically Portrays the Present and What Everyone Needs to Do

Poetry need not always be about fairies and abstraction. Poems that come from the heart can speak the language of common sense too. This is amply demonstrated in The Poems of Common Sense, the new collection of poems recently published by author Victorine Ngangu.

A highly anticipated work, The Poems of Common Sense by Victorine Ngangu paints a realistic picture in the minds of the reader regarding the present day state of common sense in the world. These twenty-one outpourings of the heart are told in English and French versions. Each poem has its own flower, and stands for our everyday lives. Outstanding and motivated, the work makes the readers think about themselves and others.

The most important thing for us as humans living in this world is to educate ourselves and to educate others, live better lives on this earth, and learn from each other as we grow each day in our lives. The explanation of some people to live better lives is to be wealthy or have things that other people have. Life is simple to all of us if we try to look at it the way it is. Life makes things easier if we just go with the flow and let it take us whichever way it takes us,” says Victorine Ngangu.

Victorine calls her work, ‘therapy of mind and soul’. More than anything, the poems remind us to look at ourselves and our lives, live the best way we can, while making life as easy as possible. For this, according to Victorine, we need to make sure we do the right things in this world, on this earth, as we are living.

One of the poems in the book

Brave WWI and II Soldiers 
I hear your sounds and echoes.

I hear your voices.
I hear your peace of mind and quietness.
I feel your pain and suffering.

Brave WWI and II Soldiers 
You fought for us.

You gave your lives for us.
You carried our heavy pain.
You sacrificed yourselves for us.

Brave WWI and II Soldiers 
You gave us what we could not have.

You made us who we are now.
Your souls will never be forgotten.
Now, you all are wearing white uniforms and laying peacefully.
For you, we give thanks and may your spirits rest in peace!

About the book

The poems of Common  Sense by Victorine Ngangu
ISBN: 978-0-9842842-9-0
Publisher:  Online Book Lovers Club
Publish date: November 2017
Pages: 74; 21 Poems
5.5 x 8.5 Paperback S.R.P.: $9.95, eBook: $1

With U.S. distribution through Online Book Lovers Club website and Ingram at: https://onlinebookloversclub.com/book.html

About the author

Victorine Ngangu is the author of two books, ‘In the Heart of Our Souls’ containing the stories of her Congo ancestors, and ‘Eyes of Africa’, an examination of the politics, poverty and corruption in Zaire). She became an orphan while in primary school. Ngangu came to the U.S. when she was a teenager. She is president of Help Children of Africa, a charity she established to provide food and clothes for orphans and street children.

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