Spread New Recording Technology to the World: Annke Horus IP Camera

With the rapid development of wireless technology, Wi-Fi cameras have made home surveillance much easier. And a majority of smart IP cameras have a memory card slot designed for on-board storage option. However, what if you find the memory space running out too soon? Annke Horus is designed to solve this common problem many users are concerned about. Built with the unique feature of low recording bit rate ranging from 32Kbps to 8Mbps, the camera allows you to record much longer than many other cameras on the market with the same memory card.

Since Horus’s first global launch six months ago, it has been widely praised by critics and users alike, as we have learned from the interviews with Annke’s management team. Due to its unique and remarkable features, its total number of orders on major international trade platforms has exceeded well over 200,000 units, which undoubtedly stands out from its competitor products.

Developed and manufactured in China, Annke’s security cameras, including Annke Horus, are of high quality, convenient to use and affordable, and are favored by more than 50 million consumers worldwide. Annke has established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with the world’s top and renowned manufacturers, such as Hikvision and Dahua. Its global brand awareness and influence is gradually surpassing other well-known international brands in the security field, like Swann, Night Owl, Lorex, Ring and Blink, and it is striving hard to become the world’s top 50 security brands.

What are the features that make Annke Horus incredibly magic?

Engineered with exquisite and adorable appearance, it is specially designed for indoor use and widely applicable to monitor babies, pets, the elderly, etc. “This multifunctional gadget will be an ideal choice for customers who want to keep an eye on their home even if they are a thousand miles away,” concluded Jerry Y., senior director of Annke products.

As a prestigious security product developer, he once participated in key research projects of MIT, and won a number of major awards in the field of domestic security. With more than 10 product series and hundreds of different products which meet consumers’ needs for home and business use, Annke’s product line developed by Jerry’s professional technical team stands at the international forefront. Among these products, Nova series and Ease series are well sold and highly recognized by customers all over the world.

With its 350-degree horizontal and 100-degree vertical rotation range, almost every corner of your room can get covered. And equipped with an advanced progressive scan CMOS, Horus is able to deliver crystal clear images in 1080P resolution onto your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Horus possesses many extraordinary features, including automatic motion tracking, working with Alexa, cloud storage and two-way audio. Above all, the highlight of the product is “low bit rate recording”. According to Jerry, Annke’s R&D team is very professional, as over half of the members graduated from well-known universities which have a significant influence and outstanding research achievements in the security field. After a few years’ meticulous research, rigorous tests and arduous efforts, the team has finally made great improvement on the camera’s recording feature.

In addition to the normal recording mode, the camera now has other two brand new modes: superior mode and advanced mode. When the camera system is recording under these two modes, it takes up less bandwidth and substantially reduces the code stream, while footage remains clear and smooth. They offer a cost-saving and pleasant user experience like never before, as now you are able to record 2 time/4 times longer than the previous normal mode.


What kind of software or application you can install to cast the magic spells?   

Annke Horus is very easy to set up and operate. You can place and install it anywhere in your house, like table, wall and ceiling, providing it is plugged into power supply. It just takes about 5 minutes to complete its configuration in a favorable network environment. And it is rather convenient that you can freely choose two methods to add Horus to your smartphone: wired connection and wireless connection. A customized website is also available for you to watch live video on the web browser.

“Myannke”, customized mobile app for Horus, boasts a simple, functional and user-friendly setting interface. “It has always been our significant mission to design a simple, practical and powerful mobile application whose interface design style fits our target users’ needs. We have devoted painstaking efforts into the investigation and analysis of their needs before setting about designing Myannke. Now we believe that the current version’s performance will not let them down,” replied Effie, Annke’s senior software engineer. 


In addition to viewing on smartphone and PC, you can take advantage of Amazon smart home devices, like Echo Show to obtain a quicker way to see what is going on in another room. Due to Horus’s strong compatibility with Amazon Alexa, you just need to command with simple voice instructions, then Alexa will present whatever Horus captures.


You may be interested in other information about ANNKE

Annke is a global leading provider of smart home security solutions. ANNKE is committed to product development in the security field of smart homes, professional security, business suites, etc., and is striving to become a leader in professional security based on cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies.

Annke delivers a sense of safety to every consumer by building better security and surveillance equipment.

Please visit their official website www.annke.com if you need to learn more.

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