Donnie Butler Sr. – A Major Killer Of Internet Entrepreneurs Is Distraction

Don is the founder of Retiree Marketing, a local internet marketing firm focused on helping local businesses properly use the internet to get more customers and grow their business. His Story of Marketing involvement started back in dinosaur times (over 40 years ago) while in Graduate school.

Now as part of the Retired Working Force, Don’s new specialty is Affiliate Marketing. He is creating a distraction free Internet presence of Compassion and Understanding among the Affiliate Marketing circles.

His present Website is set up to generate income for Entrepreneurs, Newbie, and /or Advance Affiliate Marketers.  Don’s programs are aimed at creating income streams using the most advance Funnel Marketing Systems out there. At the same time trying to reign in excessive cost.

Much like Russell B., he came out of Graduate School on the top of the Business Marketing game. In fact at the same time, he had three active concurrent success stories; two successful product development Marketing Campaigns for private interest (Lead) while in grad school – A great F.T. position with the City of Miami’s Business Development Department and Co-Founder and Vice President of one of the Nation’s first Professional Meeting Planning/Public Relations Business. (1978).

After Grad School, his chosen love endeavor later turned out be in his core education of Hospitality.

Since, he has been involved in many fields with his crown being that of retiring at 34yo with $30,000! He brought a Branded new British sport car and a rundown rental property and totally rehabbed from ground up. (Sweet but lasted only 2 years).

Again he went back into the culinary field with a vengeance – winning multiple class competitions two years in a row. 

The one thing he did not have was an immediate Family. This brought on a happy union with his college sweetheart.

A long with marriage came new involvement with Direct Marketing started 1995, as a part-time interest with dedicated space in my home office. Boxes of colored Paper for maximum Open effect. Hand addressed envelopes, weekly trips to the post office for my bulk rate discounts.  This was a time of great stress and doubt that cost him his 1st marriage, but he believed in Marketing.

As a P.T. job he did not have the key but because of his early successes, he held on. His successes were always mitigated with caring too much for others not as fortunate. Distraction came while working as a Asst. Dir in a local hospital.

He was faced with an order to down size the Department to stay competitive. His delegated duty was to eliminate 17 full time positions. He claims to still see the faces of some whom he  knew would leave the work force due to age. This was his crossroads.

Within three months he left the executive work for his own business. A specialty fence company safeguarding swimming pools from infant drowning. He was force to close due to a fail marriage.

For the past five years he has Part-time developed Affiliate Internet Marketing Programs looking for the mega successful programs (at one time having 25Google Adsense sites). The search slowed last year when he found Millionaire Russell’s ClickFunnel CF Programs. Don has 8 active CF siteswith completed funnels and 8 oldGoogle Adsense Sites.

As faith would have it, the last couple months led me to another highly successful Internet Marketer who also contributed to my business rebirth, one of the most prolific International Internet Marketer, Richard Legg.

Tony Robbins would say “Success Leaves Clues” Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Richard was super successful it did not take long.  Don and Richard hooked up and now are promoting an awesome set of Professional Funnel Package(s)!! These Proven Super Successful Funnel Programs are the brain child of Richard.

He like Don understands the struggling Newbie Affiliate Marketers. Yes it is about income but his compassion and desire to succeed are also evident in these Proven Super Successful Funnel Programs.

These programs sell themselves with the favor of genuine sincerity in the emails packages.  Now, you can get into the game with a combination of Free and small money programs at

Of Course, if you are fortunate have the cash to jump start your program, they have an Excellent Webinar you should check out now at

They offer you a great no headache built for you “Entire Money Making Web Presence”. Richard’s genius and his support staff take care of almost everything. The only thing left is elusive traffic.  Richard and Don offer a great deal of information teaching you about all kinds of traffic, with a Free Bonus Traffic Program guaranteed to make you an expert also!

One of Don’s Favorite saying is “Give a Person a Fish and Your feed them For a Day. Teach the person How To Fish and you Feed Them for Life!”

This is the most in-depth wealth of information on the Web Today. They are altruistic but this “Entire Money Making Web Presence” won’t be here long. This offer will be replaced soon, making room for serious affiliates who need our distraction free mentoring.  

Face it, we are only two trying to handle the needs of many! For this reason we Will put these “Proven Super Successful Funnel Programs” on hold soon. Check the website timer now.

This is school only if you want it. Myself I prefer the excellent traffic work of Solo ads of the Dynamic Duo of Igor K. and Dennis R. of Igors Solo Ads, one of the world’s largest. They are included as backups to our traffic program. Visit

When I am not working, I love to spend time with my 19 year old son’s mother. I build/break things around our renovated home. There is a 64sq.ft. Tree House with electric, a hide away hammock area close by the 15 x 30 foot Jacuzzi swimming pool or just chilling in the screened Gazebo Patio. Yes Affiliate Marketing is good.

We just spent a week in French Carib distressing &getting my head together for this NEXT Life run. We made some new hopefully life long Friends.

Get your NO HEADACHES program started today at

I Live by these words!!!!!!

“How to get everything you want in life?

Help others get what they want.

Your rewards will come.

They may not come from those you serve, but they will COME!”

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