11 Factors That Make 800Casting Best Platform for Auditions and Casting Jobs

What is 800Casting?

Gone are the days when folks were standing in the queue to get a chance in the media industry. They asked for agents to use other sources to demonstrate their talents to the concerned persons of the media industry. Actors, models, singers, musicians were roaming around the media industry for their chance.

We all know that the media industry is digitized now, and you can demonstrate your talents from the comfort of your home. In this electronic age of online castings, every talent must have an online presence.

You are a singer, model, actor, dancer, voice over, or a kid talent you can simply register with us at 800casting, build a portfolio and you are all set. Search for a casting job, record your performance in whatever field you want to and apply to the audition notice and we will take care of the rest. We will provide you with a world’s best platform to prove your talents.

Why 800Casting?

800Casting is an excellent one-stop center for all your casting needs whether you are or are not a talent represented by an agent. It is detailed driven and meticulous software fulfilling all needs of talents, agencies and casting professionals. Let us have a look through the feature list which make 800Casting more reliable and distinguishable from others and why you should use this as a platform to search and apply for an audition or casting notice.

Authorized and Long Access:

No fraud or time wasters, you will find only registered Clients, Producers, Photographers and Film-makers. Your digital portfolio will remain live on the talent section for 24 hours of a day. The media persons can review the profiles anytime.

Talent’s profile:

A talent can decorate their profile by using multimedia, for example, they can post pictures upload audio and high definition videos for the audition and casting purpose. Besides these, self-tape facilities are present for models and other talents to present video upon audition request. Models can also present model visuals, use our comp card feature, customize it and use it as a business card for any casting opportunity.

Casting Information:

We consistently update our members about all the opportunities created by producers, directors, photographers and film-makers. Whenever they open the entries, we let you apply as soon as possible. You can submit your resume and showcase your talent in the form of video clips, voice-overs, a simple action all depends upon in which category of talent you want to appear. Submit at our website and, we will guide you on how to improve your portfolios to have an eye of your desired media person.

800Casting App:

As a large audience is using mobile phones so, 800Casting offers a perfect app for their members. You can download our app and get notified 24/7 for any updates from your agent, producer or photographer.

Secured Data:

You should not be worried about your personal information in the portfolio. It will be protected and shared only to the concerned authority.

Images and multi-gallery:

We will provide you with a quality and high definition image gallery to make your chances stronger for selection. If you are a model or actor, you can upload your best and quality pictures. You will have access to your profile 24/7, so you have the opportunity to update it with the fresh images of yours anytime. It will increase your chances to get selected. Multi gallery option is also given to organize your images album wise like e.g. headshots in one album, hand photos in other and modeling photos in separate one.


We let our members upload their audio or video for their audition purpose. Produce high-quality audio or video of your performance and upload it with your profile and let the concerned personalities get impressed from you and cast you in their project. You can upload as many audios and videos on our secure servers.


There is a trend of scheduling posts on every social media. Life is too busy; and it is hard to remember all the appointments or calling. We are offering a solution for this too in the form of a scheduler. Through this scheduler you can manage all of your meetings, auditions and photo shots.

Vast Access:

You can access this software on a variety of devices without losing any of its functionalities. At every corner of the world, you can have access to our website.

Color-coded system:

For ease of operation, we offer a color-coded system for easy browsing and segregation of projects.

For further questions, please visit the page FAQs.

Membership Benefits:

There are numerous benefits if you get 800Casting membership.

1. Your profile will be visible to all directors, photographers and other media and casting professionals 24/7.

2. Based on the package you choose you can upload photos, voice over samples, videos. You can also choose to sign-up for membership program which offers unlimited of above and some additional benefits.

3. We also provide you with 2 powerful tools – “Audition Invitation” and “Express Audition”

Audition invitation allows talent and models to self-tape and submit their video for review upon invitation.

Express Audition allows talent or model to audition for any client in or out of network.

In short, to cope with this fastest growing digital era where opportunities are enormous, we must select our mediums wisely, isn’t it? So, register now as a talent and get noticed as a successful actor, model, dancer, singer or a voice over artist.

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