Who is Hu Jiaqi? What works does Hu Jiaqi have?

Hu Jiaqi was born on May 24, 1962 in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, China, Chinese cultural scholars, anthropologists, writers and entrepreneurs. He studied at Northeastern University in 1979 and worked for the State Construction Materials Industry Administration after graduation. He is the founder, chairman and chief scientist of Shenzhen 16Lao Internet Co., Ltd., founder and chairman of Beijing Jianlei International Decoration Construction Co., Ltd., and the member of the Science and Technology Committee of the 9th CPPCC in Mentougou District, Beijing.

Hu Jiaqi is a talent with multiple identities. He is both a successful entrepreneur and an anthropologist who has been engaged in human problems research for many years. But in Hu Jiaqi’s self-positioning, life theme is the only one in 40 years, that is, focusing on the study of human destiny.


Out of deep concern about human destiny, Hu Jiaqi was deeply involved in the study of human extinction. He said: “Since I was inadvertently involved in the study of human problems in 1979, I decided that this will be the most important thing in my life. Because, with the deepening of research, I am more and more aware that human beings are facing extremely serious disasters. This is not a general disaster, but an extinction disaster that nobody alive. The irrational development of science and technology rapidly pushing all mankind to the abyss of extinction, and human beings will have no chance to start again. The development direction and mode of human society have made a comprehensive mistake, which has fundamentally endangered the overall survival and universal happiness of mankind. If we do not take measures as soon as possible, we will be exterminated, and humanity will have no chance to start again. I will dedicate my life to studying it and always call for people’s attention.”


After 40 years of systematic research, Hu Jiaqi concluded: “The extinction of human beings will take two or three hundred years or even less than a hundred years, the promotion of safe and mature science and technology to the whole world is enough to ensure that human beings are full of foods and drinks, and continuing to greedily demand from science and technology will quickly lead people to the abyss of extinction.” “To save mankind depends on human beings. It is necessary to build a greatly unified society, globally and strictly restrict the development of science and technology, and seal up some unsafe science and technology, and built a holistic scientific framework for the unified society in the future.”

However, the process of research writing was not smooth. At first, in order to solve the basic life problems and fully participate in the research. Hu Jiaqi gave up the job in State Construction Materials Industry Administration, and established a decoration company in 1994. With the mission of saving humanity, when the company is booming, he transferred power to company executives and conducted academic research. Hu Jiaqi began the writing of the first systematic research monograph Save Humanity.


He has condensed his research into a rigorous academic work, and has published many Chinese and English books including The Greatest Question, On Human Extinction, Saving Humanity (Revised Edition), Saving Humanity and so on at home and abroad.

In order to prevent technology from exterminating human beings, Hu Jiaqi has been researching, running, and appealing for 40 years. He has repeatedly sent an open letter to leaders of various countries and the UN Secretary-General, stating the reason that “the continued development of science and technology must soon exterminate human beings and we must firmly limit the continued development of science and technology to avoid the extinction of human beings.” Meanwhile, he also appealed that leaders must shoulder the sacred duty of saving mankind. On the occasion of Hu Jiaqi’s 40th anniversary of studying human issues, Hu Jiaqi will soon resend an open letter to leaders and UN Secretary-General.

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